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    P38 Not even cranking over??

    Have a 97 P38 (For how much longer though I don't know) love the car to bits but its driving me mad. Changed the fusebox and fully recharged the battery but the car refuses even to turn over. 'Check Engine Light' is not illuminating when the key is in position II. Seems as though it has immobilised itself. Any ideas??? Thanks.
  2. silversurfer

    P38 Fusebox problems??

    Thanks for that. Don't suppose if you know if its just a case of 'plug and play' so to speak. Thanks again.
  3. silversurfer

    P38 Fusebox problems??

    Currently own a 1997 P38HSE. Went to start it on Friday morning and nothing! not even cranking over, battery is fully charged. Had the AA out to it but they were as baffled as me. He has told me it seems to be an immobiliser problem which I'm not convinced 100%. Got the car home this morning and noticed a strong burning smell from the fuse box. Also my 'Check Engine' light does not illuminate when the key is turned to position II. I have heard that it is a common fault on the P38s for the fuse box to develop problems. I have ordered a replacement box today but was wondering if there is anything I should be looking out for whilst replacing. Thanks.
  4. silversurfer

    P38 BECM Repairs

    Hi guys. Does anybody know of good reliable,fast turnaround companies in the U.K who offer BECM repairs? Just started to get the tell tale signs of mine starting to play up (Central locking problems/rear wash wipe not working & dipping mirrors not coming back up). Thanks in advance.
  5. silversurfer

    P38 Gearbox problem

    Own a 1997 P38. Recently had gearbox trouble and was told by the AA that gearbox was at fault. clunked and clanked when I drove it all 4 wheels seemed to lock up from where it was stuck in gear. Picked up a second hand unit with torque converter and dropped it off to a local garage. After a couple of days they phoned me back and said that the torque converter on the new box had different mounting points and they would have to use my original one but this will just slot straight in. Following day they called me back and said everything was put back together new box and my original torque converter but when they selected a gear nothing moved or engaged. Any ideas before they call me back to say they will have to use trial and error at my cost?? Thanks guys.
  6. silversurfer

    P38 Not engaging gears

    My worse fear just came true. Called the AA out today turns out we couldn't even tow the beast as the wheels had locked up. Eventually after about an hour we got her to move under her own steam. Took it around the block and what a beautiful tune the transmission played (Clunk,crank), then when I selected reverse bang then she moved slowly. AA Conclusion NEW GEARBOX!! Managed to track down a 70,000 miler for £500 with a years guarantee, So busy weekend coming up.
  7. silversurfer

    P38 Not engaging gears

    And so the problems continue. Drove the car this morning for about 10 mins no problem. Arrived home and tried to park across my driveway but wasn't able to engage any gears. Checked the gearbox fluid level and fuses all seem to be fine. Any ideas on where else to look before commiting suicide!!
  8. Hi guys. I have a 97 4.6 and the last couple of days the alarm siren has been going off randomly (sometimes when driving). Other faults I have are, front doors not opening with remote button, cruise control not working and rear wash wipe not working. Would these all be due to the BECM? Thanks.
  9. silversurfer

    P38 Central Locking Problem

    Went to open the car this morning and low and behold all doors unlocked except for the drivers, when I go to lock the reverse happens (all locking except for drivers). If I use the key to unlock they all open and close fine. If I am inside the car and operate the door button all seem to work fine. Any ideas before I lay out for a new central locking motor?? Thanks guys.
  10. silversurfer

    Turning off blower motor??

    Could anyone please tell me how you turn the blower motors fully off on a P38. If I turn the knob all the way to the left the lowest it will go is setting No1 which means they are still on. I know I must be missing something? Thanks.
  11. silversurfer

    P38 Rear Wiper Problem

    P38 rear wiper not working. I have over 10 Volts coming through the orange wire, Nothing at all coming through the orange & black. If I plug the main feed back into the motor then disconnect the last plug in the loom (Blue & Black wire small plug) no power coming through at all? Then to confuse matters even more a direct feed from the battery bypassing wiring loom everything works fine. Any ideas?? Thanks.
  12. silversurfer

    Air Con Problem

    Thanks for that. When you say low on pressure do you mean re gassing? Also you say the switch is located on top of the dryer whereabouts is that located? First RR.
  13. silversurfer

    Air Con Problem

    I have a 1997 4.6 up until a couple of days ago air con was working fine. Went out yesterday and discovered it has given up the ghost! If I disconnect the plug on the back of the compressor and run a direct feed from the battery, it works fine and blows ice cold. Tried swapping the relays around with ones that I know work but still no joy. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance.

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