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  1. hi all have a 300 tdi went out today for drive found that when vehicle is underload it smokes alot and seems to have lost power ...now i understand that running 33 tyres has put the gearing out and takes me a little longer to get up there but this has never done this befor ...just wondering if anyone else would know what to check. cheers all colin i have recently done my tappets,changed the water pump and a general service ....would the tappets nt being set correct maybe cause this loss of power
  2. hi all can anyone please tell me the best way to bleed the cooling system on a 300 tdi discovery...seem to have a air lock somewhere cant get warm air through the vents.. ive just replaced head gasket put it all back together with new thermosat ect..struggling with this cheers colin
  3. gday all i could do with some sound advice if any one has done this mod could i have some pics please.. ok i want to run twin electric fans on the rad i have 2 good fans that work the air con which i want to use first question is do i need to keep them at the front of the rad ...im guessing so as the blow inwards..or can they be reversed so i can put at engine side of rad so they suck and i only want to wire into cab for swithing off whilst wading...dont need any fancy wireing gizsmos ....anyone got a wireing diagram also will need a thermostat to plumb into pipework so they cut in at temp next question taking the aircon of the vehicle is there a set order in doin this or do i just disconect all pipework ect...i know to be aware of the refrigerant stuff ..any advice would be much welcome cheers colin
  4. yea thanks for that matt have just finished removing all the gasket that got stuck on no problems all sorted have just put a straight steel edge ruler up against the head to check for distortion ..cant seem to find any at all it all seems pretty good order....for now! will check again though befor i start re-asembling head just in case im being to optimistic!!
  5. hi all eventually have got the head off my disco 300tdi 1999 model and would like to ask a few questions and get some advice on what to do next....have uploaded some pics of the head and block so as to show and hopefully get the correct advice befor i begin replacement. first question is can anybody tell from the pics where the damage /leak occured and possibly why! next question is whats the best method in cleaning head and block without causing damage most the head is clean no obviouse damage or marks ...but i could be wrong.head seems to be in good order no cracks that i can see or damage the gasket came of the block in one piece part from an area near the rear left side which seems to have some melted gasket maybe thats where it has failed!! not sure. and what size gasket should i use to replace as local seems to think just put thickest on! but not sure. symptoms that made me take head off where after coolant hose split at rear of engine when engine cooled down went to top up and when started engine with the coolant cap of it was just blowing water straight out like it was under preasure but was cold!....got vehicle home and checked again in mornin same again when cold blowing out like it was under preasure..was advized was head gasket gone drawing air in !! causing this preasure build up there does not seem to be any coolant contamination in oil have droped that out now and will be replacing the thermostate aswell just to be sure. cheers all welcome any advice. colin
  6. hi thanks for the reply....yea no worries now sorted wasent looking properly cheers colin
  7. hi all just a quick question somethink realy simple is holding me back stripping down my head for a head gasket change on my 300tdi discovery and like most things there is a technique in removing i just cant seem to be able to pull the fuel line off from where it goes from the pump to the injectors !!! just a very simple fuel line is causing me grief... there is no clip holding on it is just on very tight i cant seem to pull off.is there somethink im missing...do i heat it up first ...do i cut it off....how do i remove without damaging or is it a case of get it of and just replace the line after. cheers colin
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