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  1. I expect this question might have been asked before, so sorry it it has. Anyway, i have been hooked on getting a Freelander 2 ever since i went on a LR Experience day last year. i am seriously considering changing my Audi A3 for a new Black Special Edition Freelander 2. But, it doesn't have Terrain Response. Honestly i dont expect to do much off road. it would be great to tow my caravan, drive on the moors when it snows, etc. So is having Terrain Response really necessary? All the posts i've read on here about driving say "what you should have done first is turn your Terrain Response on" every time a user says he got in a problem. This just seems like a cop out to me, as its all about how you drive isnt it. And not let the computer sort it out ? I think im right in saying that older Freelanders didnt have it and they were good off road weren't they ? After all it is still a Landrover ! Thanks in advance. Nick
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