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  1. Does that need to be a dealer ? Or can it be done from a generic OBD ?
  2. Just to finish this thread. After consulting with a very wise and ancient mechanic who took one look at the OBD codes and said "Lambda probes" I gave in, and bought my son a set of 4 generics for Xmas. I also straightened out some tiddle-poor crimping of wires on his recently replaced fuel pump while I was at it. Had to cut one of the probes out, and make a new mount in the downstram pipe for the passenger (NAS spec) side. Car is runnng like a champ now. Idle is still a little too high, but the car has only been run at length for a couple of times. I assume it needs a few more before the
  3. Will try that in the morning. It also occurred to me, that given him rolling the bloody thing, I don't know if the plenum has crud in it too.
  4. Not vacuum leaks, blew something nice and volatile at it, didn't twitch except when I blew a sniff in the inlet itself. Airbox and environs on the list to look at tomorrow. No sign of the throttle linkage sticking or anything simple
  5. CLEVER ! Thanks guys. We're about to get whacked by the tail end of that hurricane Isias tonight, so that's a tomorrow project, weather permitting.
  6. THAT'S an interesting idea. Are there are procedures for vacuum leak testing - I've vacuum bled brakes, but I have never looked engine systems and vacuum, Thanks guys
  7. Also, I notice the thing has a VERY high idle, in Park - like 2800 RPM. Could that be a symptom ?
  8. So dad (me) finally got to drive the thing extensively today - another suggestion received elsewhere was a glitchy VSS, so I removed that for a try out, and still no dice. What I experienced with it though wasn't "loss of power", I had outright misfiring. Bringing the car to the side of the road, and idling it doesn't return the power. Switch off, and immediately restart - bang, we're off again. I'll clear the codes on the OBD and try tomorrow. Thanks for all the ideas, I'm still leaning to the fuel pump, going to underneath and look at all the wiring tomorrow.
  9. Going to go under it and explore tomorrow. What gets me is that it is instantly fixed by turning off the ignition. I need to wiggle nothing to make it work. Shorts are entirely possible.
  10. He did both fuel filters for sure. Oil looks OK, Battery is still nicely tied in. Checked the ECU wires too. Air filter needed changing, that was done. I think its the intermittency that gets me. Driving it back, we had a couple of hours with nothing, then not more than 20 minutes of driving between issues. It might've correlated very very slightly with the level of fuel in the tank, I don't know. <edited> Now he adds that JUST before he had the rollover that he had one episode of this, so that event might not have been the trigger. Sorry, wasn't aware of that earlier
  11. Hi My son rolled his pride and joy, his 1997 Disco 1 NAS spec 4.0 while recovering the car from a desert track where he'd had to replace a draglink in the field. He let it sit for a few days for everyhing to drain back into the right places, then was forced to leave his school because of Covid and come home. On the 2000 mile return trip he kept getting weird powerlosses, which we couldn't resolve, they didn't correlate with hills, high speeds or anything else. He was in such a bad state, his mum and I drove out 500 miles to meet up with him and help. I experienced the same thing as
  12. I took the box to work, and reflowed the whole thing in our special ovens, but it hasn't fixed the problem.
  13. No, this is a NAS spec Disco, with the GEMS 4.0 engine.
  14. Ah well, It wasn't the power. We can make it work always, if we disconnect the alarm box completely for 10 minutes. Does that give anyone any ideas, because I'm out of them.
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