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  1. i have just found a post some one has made some time ago saying the series 1 80" truck cab measures at 4.5 inch across the back panel and 36.5 inch across the top panel... the 86" measures 9inch across the back panel and 38.5 inch across the top.. so now i ahve found the first roof i brought that doesnt fit is an 80" as the measurements i have just taken are as it says... (great this is rare) the other roof i have tryed to fit measures at 38.5 inch across the top but only 7 inch acoss the back panel.. now i'm reallyt confused heeeellllllpppp.....
  2. hi yeah i will have to put some pics up.. at the moment its in the paint shop now as someone ran in to the side of the landrover a few weeks ago... gutted... i was fitting the cab i had to the landrover to get it painted at the same time... but as i cant seem to get it fitted i had to leave it for now.. just trying to get info now so i can get it fitted and painted for when the landrover gets back from being done... cheers
  3. hi yeah i agree should be straight forward but why wont the one i have fit the strip across the bottom of the cab wont sit in the correct place for the bolt to line up with the hood stick holes.. i'm not sure if this is because the cab top is wrong been moded or the landrover is wrong.. this is why i ask for some photos from some body if possible to help work ou whats wrong cheers
  4. hi mate i have the work shop manual that shows a break down of parts for the cab.. i seem to have all the bits just dont seem to fit... thelandrover was originaly fitted withe a canvous from factory the cab wont sit down partly because the mounting brackets fall over the holes for the hood sticks,..... regards cleggy
  5. hi guys, have had problems getting a truck cab for my 1957 88 series 1 in the past (see past posts), i,ve now finally got one thats been removed from a 88 series 1 this appears to be the correct roof now.... but when i tried to fit it, the back pannel just wont sit on the tub correctly and i am not quit sure how it fixes to the screen as the brackets are missing.. i have tryed searching for pictures but cant find any to show the mountings and the way it sits on the tub.. so is there anyone out there withe a truck cab on that could maybe take a few snapps to give me a better idea of where iam going wrong.. much appreciated regards cleggy
  6. i have attached a photo of the roof as you can see it seems the back panel is slimmer that missingsid has posted, it also seems different to the one showen in the manual?
  7. hi guys bit new to this forum stuff so bit slow at using the site.... cheers for the replies.. well i can see in the manual there is possibly a sealing strip missing but it still also seems that the back panel is slimmer than some i have seen... there was another roof on ebay i looked at and that back panel appeared wider... there is almost an inch to inch-and-a-half gap all the way down surely the weather strip wont be that wide?
  8. Hi can anybody help... I have a land rover series 1 1957 88", I decided to fit a truck cab for the winter instead of the canvas I have currently, so I went on the net found one advertised for the 88, I brought it home and attempted to fit it, once put in place it appears to be the wrong roof for the vehicle, there is a large gap around the top and down the back of the doors (see attached pictures), so I decided to do a bit of research on the web... it appears that there is only two types of truck cabs one rare cab that fits the 80" and only the 80" and one that fits the 86" 88" 107" and 109" is this true?,.. the other thing I decided to do was pop down to craddocks and see what they say, the guy I spoke to deals with all second hand parts for the series 1 he was not to helpful he said he only knows of one type of cab top for the series 1, but he did agree that the back panel on the one I have is slimmer that the one he knows and recognises can anyone shed some light on the subject cheers guys. Regards Ian
  9. when you say a different thing entirely what do you mean?
  10. Hi guys, I'm new to all this but here we go, just after some advice if anyone can help. I have a a landrover 90 with a v8 sd1 engine coupled, with a lt85 gear box. Went for a spot of off-roading but in the process seemed to have killed the clutch, after removing the gear box I found the clutch to be a standard road clutch, obviously not good for the job. Can anybody recommend an uprated clutch? It appears to be 270mm in diameter... Thanks.
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