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  1. hey guys...I have a 300tdi this is my 2nd disco 1 and had a 2.5 n/a 90....needless to say i expected issues when buying my current 300tdi 94 plate... I've replaced the springs with 2" HD blue bearmach springs...terrafirma shocks on front and just to get me out of trubble here n there fitted britpart stuff(not wise in my opinion after most of brit or ****part bits i've fitted have failed) so personnlywould refrain from the shocks and in particular the cranshaft oil seals..fitted a proper O.E.M on front of cranckshaft and doesnt leak..fitted one to the rear and gonna have to have it taken out as it leaks. ..got britpart drilled n vented discs and calipers and squeel like u wouldnt believe. ..will be replacing those to...so at mo have replaced all bushes , brakes , shocks , springs, clutch, trackrod ends(non greasable)will replace them i think to as they wer just cheapies.. A frame bushes and on axle end(greasable version) fitment, replaced front hub bearings(timken), and about to do the front propshaft wide angle to go on, no castor correction done as yet but all in all i have slight steering issues and no doubt still abit of work to solve as much of the problem as i can... The one bit of advice i would give is dont use britpart stuff its ok for a short get out but not long term(front shocks lasted 2 days) and i only use my disco as work vehicle n not off road.. Read forums and follow the advice. There are some good companys and knowledgable people out there and unfortunatly the carp ones who just wana tell u wot they think u wanna know and sell u bottom grade carp at over inflated prices then dont wanna talk to you wen the carp they sold u fails... But this last year has been enlightning to say the least specially as the garage i used to use forgot to titen up my caliper bolts and the rear axle oil filler.. Needless to say i try n do as much of the work myself now just buy the rite gear n tools n research the how to do it and go fom there..
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