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  1. 1996 discovery autobox wiring colours

    Hi Sierrafery, That might help... Well its the main black plug thats from the gearbox wiring loom then from that plug it goes into the rest of the loom just trying to work out what the colours do. i will get the colours tonight.
  2. Discovery one inhibitor switch

    Ill have a look tonight and see how many wires it has it has a few , the engine and box are in a off road buggy so the loom is all a bitsa
  3. Discovery one inhibitor switch

    Thank you both for confirming that are the reverse lights independantly switched then? I have on that plug aswell black with blue trace black with yellow black and red with yellow trace black with orange trace...
  4. what does it do on the auto box? is it just the reverse lights and the park switch? How does it pick up the oil temp warning light? what about the diff lock switch is that on the transfer box? cheers tom
  5. 1996 discovery autobox wiring colours

  6. 1996 discovery autobox wiring colours

    Does anyone know?????
  7. 1996 discovery autobox wiring colours

    this is the plug not sure why it didnt upload who knows i dont do computers!!!
  8. Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the auto box here is a picture of the colours im confused about thanks in advance.
  9. wibbly wobbly speedo

    it did indeed, thank you very much. looks like im on the hunt for all the bits then.
  10. wibbly wobbly speedo

    and this one YBE100530 will fit into my discovery transfer box? sorry for the question im still learning!
  11. wibbly wobbly speedo

    Brilliant thank you for quick reply do i need a disco or defender tranducer?
  12. wibbly wobbly speedo

    Hi Chaps im building a hybrid buggy using a rover 3.9 running gear including transfer box, can i run a td5 speedo and transducer in the factory standard landrover transfer box?