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  1. ........correction my old headmaster actually drove a 60s Jaguar 420...my uncle Clive had a few MK2 Jags in his time along with the Zephyrs,Zodiacs & Consuls etc etc
  2. Hi Ham The car is in daily use and has been for the last 40,000 miles although I have had a leak on the gearbox which I foolishly ignored, I will take car to garage tmo and get it up on car lift, drain oil and check before filling. Cheers Mate Sime. P.S. My old headmaster drove a MK II Jag
  3. Hi Ham Well Done Ham! you did it. Many Thanks for the great advice By following the instructions from your answer I can now select my gears with engine running, they are still a bit stiff as I select through the gate but the clutch appears to be working just as you predicted...is it possible for you to identify what the problem is considering your advice appears to have put my problem right for now? is it safe to drive without causing damage? is it likely that damage has been done? could it be low oil in gearbox that has caused this? do I need a clutch or is it slave cylinder? most importantly what do I need to do now in order to prevent this happening again {to answer one possible cause Ive had the clutch arm go before (bolt pushing through arm) and know how that feels so Im fairly sure I can rule that one out of this scenario.) Muchas Gracias Amigo (I feel better now) Best Regards from, Yorkshire, England. Sime.
  4. Hi All Further to my earlier gearbox question...I can select any gear when the engine is not running but cant get gears when engine is fired up and ticking over. My question is what is the likliest problem * CLUTCH or *GEARBOX??? If the gearbox is low/empty on oil and I top it up now could that solve my problem? or am I barking up the wrong tree. Any info will be very much appreciated Cheers Sime.
  5. No the sound isnt altered by the clutch at all but my main problem has just got a whole lot worse, Ive just fired her up to take down to garage for oil change on gearbox first time since I lost 1st & reverse on Sunday...I cant get any gears at all now! Im pretty sure its not the clutch, is the gearbox knackered with lack of oil and if so can I fix it by topping the gearbox up??...Ive tried to engage gears with coersion on throttle and clutch but its just solid and wont go in....if I was desperate before Im proper panicking now.
  6. No, I shouldve mentioned the droning noise/vibration is there at idle, Ive lost 1st & reverse gear, Im just hoping that when I fill the gearbox with oil it will bring my gears back.
  7. Hi All! Ive had an oil leak on gearbox for some time now (just left it, silly I know) but this morning the gears were getting a bit sticky after about 10 miles.......at around 20 miles I had to do a u-turn and she wouldnt go into reverse, 1st gear is now practically impossible to select without a little coersion on throttle/clutch and all others are getting harder to select (reverse still not having any), I have also been getting a hollow type droning noise (not very loud but noticeable) during the past few months...have I f@*>ed my gearbox? or could it be clutch. All offerings very much appreciated as usual Best Sime.
  8. Boggy, Ive looked everywhere to find the disco 300tdi Alternator removal thread that I know Ive seen on here....dya know where it is please?? cant understand how Ive lost it! Thanks Sime
  9. Thanks Boggy, You are right ofcourse....Ive just had a look underneath (which is what I ought to have done in the 1st place if I werent such a lazy twa%) the label says A127-100 but its good to know that it shouldnt make much difference as Im not in the dark now when looking for the part. Grateful Thanks Amigo! Sime.
  10. Thanks for all the replies, yesterday the battery light came on....today the alternator gave me a clearer signal by rattling its nacks off and tonight my mate gave me a jump start after I risked the supermarket...alternator 1st job but will probably do other stuff while Im at it as a precaution. Thanks again Sime.
  11. One more thing, do I have to stick to whatever ampage it is now or will either the 100 or 65 do without any alteration?? also should I be using any particular type of battery on the 300tdi?
  12. Nice one Boggy, Just jumped it off and brought it back, will check it tommorrow in daylight. Much appreciated Sime.
  13. Hi All! My alternator has finally packed up and I need to be able to identify whether or not it is a 65 or a 100amp alternator that is fitted, can anyone tell me where/what to look for? Ive had the car for 40k now and never asked when I bought it. Any ideas anyone??? Cheers Sime.
  14. Thanks for that, I think it makes good sense to change the timing belt (Im going to get a cambelt kit as advised), at least then Ive covered the main disaster area and I can relax abit before the next job. Thanks for all your replies, much appreciated. Sime.
  15. Hi All, Ive just had a good listen to the engine and this whining noise seems to be coming from the timing belt cover/area, anyone know what it might be? the motor had a new belt at 87000 now showing 134000. Ive got an 80mile trip I need to do this morning. Cheers Sime.
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