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  1. Was is the gear ratio for the 1st gear? I like the idea of having a 6 gear...Nice to have the 7.5 ration on first...Thanks
  2. Thanks a bunch guys for all your help!! I knew I was on the right post even though it is for land rover enthusiast!! I did some research and was planning to install a Eaton Fuller 6 speed overdrive medium duty transmission (FSO 6406A... 7.05 to .78 ratio) and changed the engine with another 5.9 cummins equipped with a turbo intercooler with T7100 in line Bosch injection pump (200HP)...(engine need to be changed since the intercooler has a coating on the top of the pistons to prevent melting) but I like the ZF Z6-36/2 speed set up. I tried to find out what the ratio was on line but cold not f
  3. Hello everyone...I need to pick some of you, gear heads, about a Daf Leyland T244 (military) conversion I intend to do...The t244 is hopelessly under geared for highway use, 2700 rpm for 50 mph...I want to swap the Turner (Spicer?) T5-350 5 spd transmission to something with the same low 1th gear (7:1 ratio) but with an overdrive or 6th speed to lower the engine RPM for highway use...Turner's 5th gear is a 1:1 ratio...I would love to put a ZF automatic transmission with the dry clutch...but it will be hard to sacrifice the crawling 1st gear manual advantage...any suggestion??
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