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L322 power steering heavy..


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Greetings to all.. Just a bit of knowledge over the hard power steering on l322, I had faced a problem with my l322 changed the pump, no difference than open the servotronic valve as well which in my case I have by passed it by blocking it not to function any more and still the power steering was hard to turn... Just as I got more deep in to it I noticed one more thing as many of us I am sure don't look at it and neither the workshop manual shows.... There is a bush and not a bearing just at the brake master cylinder compartment whereby the steering arm passes through, you can see it after your bonnet is wide open, I just noticed that it was rusted and what I did is I sprayed wd40 over the bush and turn the steering couple of times and it just became so smooth, I could not believe what happen after lubricating the bush and the problem got over now, so pls do consider that part of the power steering as well during having hard steering as it matters a lot since it is before the power steering mechanism it self and the is the only part you actually turn it manually!!! It makes sense and has really changed my power steering in to newly fitted like...

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