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TD5 cutting out / driving me mad

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Hi Guys

I'll cut to the chase.

I have 2006 TD5 110

I use it quite alot but not everyday to set the scene.

I was returning from a job - engine cold but not stone cold and while driving I felt the engine misfire, it repeated this a couple of times and then ran fine. I made it home 30 miles or so.

The next day I went to set out and after 5 mins of driving (engine warmed up for 10 minutes before leaving) it cut out and restarted on the key, cut again and I turned back home. Drained the fuel tap from the filter - some water nothing crazy - im on the isle of skye so.... all buckled back up pump prime sequence, engine started and backfired once and then ran fine for 2 hours of driving, I did some work for a few hours, cold engine started fine, drove back home.

The day after it was snowing so I though oh no! (brilliant) jumped in Django and set off, got about 20 mins in and the engine strutter and a started to lose power until it finally cut out again, quick road side fuel filter drain and pump priming sequence, retarted and i finished my journey.

Changed the fuel filter and cut the old one up - not too bad. now the engine will only backfire on starting i.e its injecting at the round time sort of sound diesel snapping. if the pump is primed once or twice the engine runs ok occasionally giving a little backfire but more often than not runs ok when warmed up. certainly will not entertain running cold.

I have so far changed the 

fuel filter (twice - genuine)
filter housing as the air bleed valve was blocked
regulator assembly on the head including cleaning the last chance filter - running at 4.5 bar before and 4 bar now
all injectors - recoded correctly using test book
I have inspected the quality of the fuel to the rail using an optical block. No air after running and no huge amount of air just before misfire etc.
Tank pump sounds fine and is delivering good pressure despite being alittle loud now the regulator is reduction the free pressure.
The ecu is not long back from a ECU testing repair job - none start no fuel pump prime issue
Ive change the fuel rail wiring harness in the head,
no oil in sockets etc.

getting a bit sick of it now as you might imagine.

I have some fault codes which clear down fine and reappear with a backfire stall of the engine here they are:

FAULT 27-04 injector 4 peak charge long (CURRENT)

FAULT 27-05 injector 5 peak charge long (CURRENT)

FAULT 28-01 injector 1 peak charge short (CURRENT)

FAULT 28-02 injector 2 peak charge short (CURRENT)

FAULT 28-03 injector 3 peak charge short (CURRENT)

FAULT 28-04 injector 4 peak charge short (CURRENT)

FAULT 28-05 injector 5 peak charge short (CURRENT)

FAULT 31-01 injector 1 open circuit (CURRENT)

FAULT 31-02 injector 2 open circuit (CURRENT)

FAULT 31-03 injector 3 open circuit (CURRENT)

FAULT 31-04 injector 4 open circuit (CURRENT)

FAULT 31-05 injector 5 open circuit (CURRENT)

BOTTOMSIDE CURRENT TRIP LOGGED - Cannot find any info on this one

Any ideas before I dig a hole a bury it?

Suspect ECU however very strange it seems to run ok when warm, ive given the wiring harness a good pull tug and havent discovered anything as of yet.

All opinions welcomed!

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I feel your pain, and have been there with a different vehicle.  RR P38 (Petrol)  Would start up normally, run for a few minutes & cut out.  Sit for few minutes, start agian and run for hours.  Shut down and let it get cold, sequence repeated.

Tried everything (including your extensive list) to no avail - even bought a new fuel pump (the expensive ones!!)

The most annoyting thing was no relevant faluts were being thrown - I was getting misfire warnings, plus other oddities.


It turned out to be the crankshaft position sensor.  Unfortunatly they do not appear to fail in a black & white fashion, they seem to degrade over time and cause other faults.

This may not be same for the TD5, but for the cost of a sensor https://www.island-4x4.co.uk/crankshaft-crank-sensor-intermotor-nsc100790g-p-5846.html, it may rule out the problem.


Just a thought.


Best of Luck


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