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Haldex Fuse removal, Safe to drive?


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Is it safe to remove the fuse for the Haldex and still drive as normal?

My haldex has just started to scrabble on tight turns at slow speed and in reverse (but not all the time)

By disabling the Haldex either by pulling the fuse or going under the car and pulling the connector resolves the problem (for now)

I intend to fully remove and service the Haldex which I'm hoping will resolve the issue as its currently intermittent so hopefully its still salvageable, but what with the beautiful British weather it looks like im not going to get a chance anytime soon, so in the mean time am i safe driving around with the Haldex disabled? i cant see it being an issue myself as effectively ill just be driving around in 2WD with an annoying dash message warning me about it not being connected.




2010 (59 plate) FL2

Gen 4 Haldex

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