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Finally The kitchen sink


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As per title: The kitchen sink got used for what it was made for…… :D .

Stripping down and cleaning parts for my LandRover…

By the time I’ve finished it will be mostly Warn out

Managed to pick up a used 8274 £180, not a bad deal I was thinking..

Still do but it is now clear that some money needs to be spent,

1. Clutch plates

2. Needs a solenoid pack

3. New seals

4. Remote connecter (female)

5. Ball bearings

And I haven’t got it stripped down yet.

To that end can any one advise if service kits are available, and are there any do’s & don’ts when dismantling?

What oil to use…?

Any and all advises welcome as have zero experience with winch servicing

Many thanks will put up some pics when it dosnt take half hr + to upload 87kb


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