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Help history of a LR Serie III


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I´m triyng to find out the history of my LR Serie III of 1972 wich i

bought last year and is under total reconstruction and i´m triyng to put it as original as possible

keeping the right side steering and everything else.

The LR had the licence plate "NR FDC 269 K" from 21/7/72 and was legalize in Portugal

in 1992.

I´f find out that the licence plate was from leicestershire or leicester but other than that

i couldn´t find anything so if anyone can help me i would be most thankfull. :D

If anyone want´s i´ve posted some photos of the work in progress in


Best regrads and good rides.

Joel Silva

P.S. To the moderators if this post is in the wrong place i´m sorry but i´m new here.

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