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crankcase ventilation


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Hi there,

I´ve put later rocker covers (don´t know, either P38 or DiscoII) on the V8 of my Classic RangeRover. They have different outlets for the ventilation. I´d like to understand how they work out.

Whereas the classic draws air vom the right rocker cover to the inlet side of the throttle disc area AND has a small tube (with an about 3mm restrictor) that goes to the plenumchamber/air rams (lower manifold pressure there = high vacuum) --->

The P38 GEMS has (according to the Workshop Manual): on hose from the left rocker cover going to the inlet side of the throttle disc AND a second hose from the right rocker (with an small oil seperator) cover going to the plenumchamber/air rams.

Question is: why are there two airways = 1) low vacuum side before the throttle disc and 2) high vacuum inside the Plenumchamber.

Wouldn´t one hose on the low-vacuum side be enough in order to draw fumes. Why the need to apply high vacuum to the crankcase ? If there were pressure (caused by worn cylinders) that pressure could easily escape even to a low vacuum ? Or am I wrong in this assumption ??

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