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Interco Super Swamper Tyres

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i am entering Ladoga in 2008 to rase money for the local handi-cap school we are entering tr2, at mo we dont have service team as no one wants to come as service group or can aford it so me and mate are doing it just the two of us lol (mad)

any way we have a max diff clearence of 340mm reading last years regs, so we are going to fit 35 Interco Super Swamper Tyres but how hard are they to get, devon 4x4 do them, found a site that has them in the US there are two sizes can we use 35x10.50-16LT or 35x14.50-16LT

this is the page eddy http://www.intercotire.com/site28.php

if some one can help or has ever used or tried the on a Defender 90

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I get my Interco stuff from LA Supertrux because they turn up when they say they will (or at least thay have done me in the past - fingers crossed for this year)

Diff clearance wont get measured at Tech inspection - its to keep the cars that have portal axles as standard (Afgan spec UAZ, C303s etc) from fitting the same size tyres as non-portal cars (the rest of the car world) and having a major advantage. They will check ride height of the tyre though.

Tr2 says tyre max dimensions are 920mm high x 325mm wide (36.22" x 12.79"), height is measured with 2 bar (28psi) pressure in the tyres and the car fully fuelled, carrying full party kit, rations, water, driver and navigator.

a 13/38 Swamper has a height of 37.8" but when its got a load on you'll loose an inch to an inch and a half, its risky but doable

a 13/36 Fits the regs perfectly, its the Cross section thats important, not the tread width.

I'll have a chat with the Finns tonight - they run more Tr2 cars than anyone else, they'll be able to confirm if the 13/38 will squeek through regs or not.

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'pends how many pennies you want to spend, full on mega wheels come from Stazworks LINK (internal double beadlocks with any option you can think of), for Proto is kinda nice to have something you can drive into a brick wall and still keep going with - thats why John at Stazworks gets my pennies every time.

Allied do a pretty good single beadlock, Matt Lee in the UK does an internal double beadlock (not sure if he still does though), I ran them a couple of years ago and they are ok. or if you want to save some loot then you can weld on a pair of beadlock rings to give you a single external beadlock.

Being able to run tyres flat (not low pressure.. 0 psi) is seriously handy, single beadlocks can and do pop thier inner beads and if you dont catch it in time you will muller the tyre in the process :(

pays ya money - ya makes ya choice fella :)

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