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O/T graphic software?

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Guest diesel_jim

Can anyone recommend some good software that i can use to make a "moving icon" type thing....

We've got decent company logo's, i want to be able to make them "spin" or "rotate" and maybe blend into another icon, and add some text, maybe some other flashy things, depending on what the software can do, then save the lot as something like an mpeg

(its to go on video jukeboxes that we supply)

cheers y'all! :blink::blink:

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A 'moving icon' type thing is called "animated gif", named like this because is a *.gif file.

I believe you're looking for some free software ... I can recomend the well known GIMP, http://www.gimp.org

There are plenty of howto's on the net, just google for <animated gif gimp > or alike.

Here are some examples:



or the gimp forum http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/topic/tutori...-gif-171-1.html

Have fun ...

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you're welcome. forgot to say that there are plenty of video tutorials on youtube, starting with how to download and install GIMP. if you'd like to see them just do a search on youtube (or google video) for the same key words I mentioned.

cheers then ... :)

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Guest diesel_jim

I followed the links and downloaded heaps of stuff.

bunged it on a memory stick, i can play with it in work tomorrow (after all, it is a work job!)

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