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Couple of 02 TD5 problems, help please!!!


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Had our 02 Es couple of weeks now and have a couple of problems. Before we bought the car I spotted that the steering box was leaking. They say that a new box was fitted (looks like it was) but we are getting a vibration through the accelerator pedal and a noise that is there most of the time but even more so when you come off the gas and the speed hits around 40 down to 35.

The noise seams to go when the steering is on full lock. I think that I have narrowed the problem down to either the PAS pump or box.

Been back to the garage and they say that the PAS pump has to 'mate' with the new box and that also the box may need bleeding? How easy it to get to the bleed nipple on the box and do you bleed it with the engine running or not??

The other problem is that it seams to be getting harder and harder to start.

It was fine for the first few days and then it would take 2 or 3 attempts to start from cold and now it is even getting tricky when starting at other times of the day and this morning it took maybe 7 or 8 attempts.

The engine turns over good and fast but does not catch.

When we first told the garage about the starting they said glow plugs but with the worsening problems I can't see it being the plugs.

I was wondering if it could be the MAF? What happens if you start the car with the MAF disconnected? I have read that disconnecting the MAF can tell you whether it is causing running problems??

The car is under warranty and I am fairly sure that they will get things sorted but I would like to try and limit down time and trips to the dealer (50 mile round trip)

Sorry for the long 1st post and many thanks in advance for any tips

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Bled the steering box this morning and this looks to have cured the noise and vibration :lol: so will keep a check on this.

Also been checking around re the starting problem as it was bad again this morning.

I found what I think is the multi plug for the injectors at the front left (as you look at it) of the head full of oil.

I am sure I have read somewhere that this is a common problem, will do a search now.

Have cleaned it out for now so will see if there is any improvement.

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