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3.9 on Su carbs........ need my fuel captain!!


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Hi, this is my first post so please don't beat me too hard if I’ve done this wrong or it's ended up in the wrong place!!! :unsure:

I've been a member for a while and have been trawling through all the info on here, it’s been a great help, but I’ve got stumped. I can’t find anyone that’s carbed up 3.9!

A little history, my first landy was a white 90 CSW with a 3.9EFI chopped in from a rangie. Loved it! But not long after getting it the ecu and everything I touch with the EFI system died. Had it looked at by the professionals (not the TV series) and they confirmed that they couldn’t work on it and the lot needed replacing. The person that fitted it had bodged it big time and in my haste to get a landy I had neglected to check everything properly. :blush:

With my limited funds I sourced a pair of SU’s and a manifold. I think the manifold was off a SD1 because I had to make my own throttle linkage.

Everything was great and got it running smooth, until about 3500-4000rpm when it suddenly had no guts. A few questions and long chats with people I spoke to some Morgan V8 specialist who gave me the 3 letter code for some metering needles, £20 later and Everything was ok. It went like stink and was still getting about 12 mpg. :blink:

Role on 4 years to now and the white beasty got chopped in for a grand Cherokee :blush: (I know, I know…..but the wife with nipper made me do it!) But I find my self in the same situation.

A friend and I have brought a RRC 3.9EFI with 66k miles for £300! The body was knackered but the running gear and chassis was sound. It’s midway through an odd conversion, we’re putting defender front on, a long pickup tub on the back but in the middle we’re building our own role cage/ frame high sills with no doors and leaving the whole range rover dash and bulk head.

But as this is a toy and will be used on high days and holidays only, the efi systems going. We want to be able to tinker and fix with out the need of a laptop. I know how these clockwork things are seen in here, but it’s what would best suit us.

Finally to the point…… I’ve lost all record of what needles I used, I can’t find the guy who knew the guy, who knew the guy, who I asked and the guy at the jeep dealership who naughtily brought my landy off me, did a strange disappearing act from the company a few days after I picked the Jeep up.

So I’m throwing the question wide to anyone who may have put su carbs onto a 3.9 or anyone who may know what would be the best needles to use.

So far all I’ve got is (BAF) , (BAK) and (BGC) where all used on the 3.5 and some people have used (BBW) when tuning their 3.5.

Any help, info or phone numbers would be great.

And I hope to up load some build photos soon……( so you can all laugh and point!)

Many Thanks and please be kind!

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