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4.4 l322 starting problem please help!

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hi guys new to the site and first post so hi. right long one so please bear with me, bought a 02 l322 4.4 rr about 6 month ago and from day 1 had starting problem, back then 3 turns of the key would start it and mainly when cold but gradually got worse. had a lpg conversion about 3 month in but it never faulted while they had it so they couldn't fix it for me! started to change a few parts as recommended on other forums, starting with plugs, air filter and fuel filter, no joy. then started getting faults coming on the dash like low key battery even with new battery in and trans fail safe mode and engine warning light coming on and off intermittently but showing no faults on diagnostic machines! then was told to try a new battery and alternator which i did which semed to cure it for about 4 days but then came back worse than ever, not starting from cold taking about 10 mins to get it going and now when warm if left for over 10 mins she'll start but run really rough and then cut out and will do that a few time before starting. had the aa out one morning because it was really bad, he took the air hosing off and squirted brake cleaner into the engine and she fired so now believing a fuel problem, had the pressure tested and getting 0 pressure when cold on the first morning they tried but then the next morning was fine! any ideas please guys, oh was told from someone to reset the adaptions and do 100 mile on fuel only for the ecu to relearn itself after the lpg conversion, had this done but still no joy, so does it sound pump?

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