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Battery Specification for 1997 2.5 TDI Disco


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Please can someone tell me if this battery is suitable for my recently acquired 1997 2.5 TDI Disco. - no mods.

I know it takes a type 72 battery and I've been sold (over the internet) a Lucas Premium 3 battery that the sellers claim is a type 72. However there is nothing on the battery to indicate it is a type 72 (although the physical dimensions are right).

All it has stamped on it is CCA 700 and 82 AH. (I thought the Lucas batteries were supposed to be CCA 600 and 72 AH?).

Is'nt 82 AH quite high for a type 72 battery? Is there any problems / damage that I might do to the engine if I fit it?

The battery is brand new from a reputable dealer. I'm only asking as they sent me the wrong battery originally (a type 69, now exchanged for this one) and I'm looking for peace of mind with this one before I fit it, and to avoid any hassle of trying to return it.

Thanks in advance from someone who is very new to all this but trying to learn!

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The battery type (or size group number) is not always written on the labels. Usually there's a leading 0 (zero) before the type. In this case instead of 72 you may find a 072. The "0" is used to distinguish the type number from other data (like Ah).

Anyway, here's the full list of battery group numbers: http://www.evdl.org/pages/bcigroup.html

The size of battery has nothing to do with its capacity (up to a point). Theoretically, a 072 type battery can have from 1 Ah up to over 100.

Lucas suggests 4 types of batteries in their catalog: http://www.lucaselectrical.co.uk/catalogue...XCB901_Full.pdf

Only one is 72Ah. The 3rd option is 85Ah with a CCA of 780.

The general idea is that you can use a battery with a capacity up to 10-15% higher than the factory one.

The CCA is not a problem - the bigger, the better.

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