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brakes on 300tdi


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my landrover was pulling to the right when braking and occasionally brakes would sieze.

I have august 1994 disco tdi.with a nearside brake that is not working efficently i have cleaned pistons fitted new calipers and all this appears to be working freely.I have renewed the flexible brake pipe these have been known to collapse inside (thinking that this may be a blockage in the flexible).I have bled the system with the engine running and there is no spongyness what so ever on the brake pedal.The wheel will lock when brake is applied but on the road car still pulls to the right when brake is applied. All calpiers & pistons all round are free.Having bought the vechile back after a road test and bleeding the brakes again i find that i am not gettting an open flow of fluid through the steel pipes to nearside wheel. the brake will not release properly to allow pads to free up. Your advice on this problem would be appreaciatedem several times

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