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freelander v6 judder


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hi all

new to forum so sorry if this goes on a bit

we have afreelander v6 auto last week it started to make aloud banging noise and juddering

pulled over as it sounded like a flat tyre (novice)

drove another few hundread yards noise got quite bad pulled over again and car recovered home on truck

read all i can on the internet and called a local garage decided to remove prop from ird to back axle

no joy car still makes same noise and seems like something is jamming ?

have tried raising both front wheels off the ground and they turn freely by hand

no noise unless in drive

what ever it is the wheels will rotate and then actual stop turning and then clonk and move again

is there anything i can check to identify exactly what the problem is or is it best to just book it in to a specialist to do ?

your help would be appreciated

kind regards gary

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