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Cutting out !!

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Went to the tip this morning. On the way there the 90 cut out a couple of times, but re-started ok.

Its got a RRC 3.5 Efi, 4 sp auto. When revved up, as it settles back to idle, it drops below tickover

to almost stall, then picks up to normal tickover. I think this is why it cut out, because I was

coming up to a mini island, off throttle, when the revs dropped and it cut out.

Fortunately I was able to pull off the road to a rolling stop (heavy steering without the power)

Any pointers as to why or what might cause this ?

Thanks in advance, Jon

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Does this sound more like an ignition problem, rather than a fuelling problem ?

If it is ignition, would converting to Megajolt be the answer ?

I've seen a Megajolt set-up on USA ebay for about £80 delivered, is it worth it ?

Has anyone got parts for sale in the UK ? I suppose EDIS 8, 2 coil packs+wires,

trigger wheel, sensor for trigger wheel ?? Anything else and at what cost ?

Cheers, Jon

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