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Removing 90 Side Panels without Touching Headlining.

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I don't know if this is of any use to anyone , but today I removed the side panels from my 2002 90 without touching the full headlining at all.. I read a thread (somewhere...) that it may be necessary to undo the front bolts above the screen, but no.. The M6 bolts at the front upper edge of the side panels were pigs to undo, and I've no idea how I'll get them back (but the wife has smaller hands...). The M8 bolts which have a flange in the middle and which hold the sides to the tub at the front and on the rear corner made me scratch my head, but the front ones came out with some woggling and once all the M6 side panel/roof bolts were out and the M8 ones near the back door, I was able to lift up the back of the roof a little using a long board onto my trolley jack to get the rear corners up off the rear bolts. Also necessary to remove the rear door seal and the little bits of black goo and tape. Now for a lot of rubbing down and spraying.. (groan..) The non-standard window seals leaked and corroded the panels, hence the reason to remove them. I'm also replacing the two body (tub) cappings which had corroded badly. It's fun, but not much..

Don't leave your 90 out in the rain, it won't like it...

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