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another newbie needing help


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Another newbie with little knowledge of engines im afraid! Ive looked through the forum for similar problems with no luck so here goes;

Ive got a 2000 reg 1.8 (k series engine) with serious miss fire problems. It started a fortnight ago when driving it would stutter around 2500 RPM when under load. Ive since checked the plugs, changed the leads and coil, and cleaned out the distributer. This cleared the problem up slightly however now its got much worse!! When it gets around normal driving tempature it will stutter very badly and eventuly cut out. At first it would start after it cooled down but now wont even do that! It will turn over but doesn't want to start.

Thanks for your time


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Hi I'm a newby aswell but I have been having the same problem for months.I changed the plugs,leads,cap,rotor arm and coil and it was still missing and spluttering,so I had a guy from a local land rover garage to put it on a test book and he said it could be a blocked cat,faulty coil or ECU :( .But after changing all of these thing it still made no differance :angry: .Now for the odd bit I cured the problem by changing the in car FUSEBOX.I don't know where you are but I have but I now have all the parts I mentioned exept the fusebox if you need them. :D

Hi Shaun I had a similar problem and it went on for months.I changed all the electrical parts you did and also ECU,cat,lamda,fuel pump and injectors with no change then in a fit of desperation I changed the in car fuse box on a whim as I had run out of ideas and low and behold it cured the problem.

Hope this helps Ian

try the in car fuse box.This is the last time I will reply to this post as I have tried for days but it won't reply.No fault of yours Shaun but the site won't let me reply

Try changing the in car fuse box as this cured the same problem on my w reg 1.8

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