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Alarm obstruction

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Well as the description say's, I have just fitted a standard defender 90 (with bulkhead) dog guard and when bolting it in place I noticed that the rear facing ALARM SENSOR fitted just above the drivers seat belt fitting on the head lining trim is completly obscured by the frame of the dog guard. I only presume that this sensor is a movement type thingy and so will obviously not pick up any intruder movement in the rear of the vehicle now. Ooh, just thought, maybe its deliberate so you can leave the mutt in the back with the alarm on, :rolleyes: .

I am thinking I can move the sensor to another possition but I would like to know how they work first so I know how far away to refit it and do not fit it in a bad place.

Can anyone help?

Oh I wont be able to respond for two weeks as were of on a defender touring holiday.

Thank you.

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