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Torque converter


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Always had a problem with my auto overheating on the beach and up long, windy, steep hills.

I've had the auto reconditioned (when I broke the sprague assembly) flushed the pipes and fitted a bigger transmission cooler but the

problem is still there.

I might be removing the engine soon (depending on a diagnostics session this weekend) so I'll have access to the converter.

My question is as above; would the torque converter be causing the overheating of the transmission fluid if it's stuffed?

Cheers, Steve.

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I presume you tell that it's overheating because the light come on in the dash. Did you check/replace the temp switch or actually measured the temp in any other way?

I presume beach means sand, more or less soft. Are you using low range as recommended?

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When you can smell burnt transmission fluid, a little light on the dash is pretty much redundant.

As for the sand, I don't even engage the centre diff. It's a pretty sad 4X4 that needs low range on Stockton beach.

Don't believe all that's written in the owner's manual when it comes to four wheel driving, its there as a guide and to cover

their own butts. Practical experience is a much better teacher.

Ps, I've got a hangover so don't take anything I say to heart.

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What's the colour of the ATF? Has it turned to dark brown or black?

Does the engine need to rev a lot to get the vehicle moving and keep it moving, say beyond 2,000rpm?

When I changed it last time (before I put on the bigger oil cooler which has helped a bit) it was a dark brownish red.

Once the car's warmed up it drives perfectly with no excessive revving at all.

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