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1988 W reg Stage 1 V8 109" Series 3...Yes 1988!

Captain Kirk

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Hi,I have a Stage 1 Land Rover..first registered on 01 - 01 -1988 ...it is on a W registration plate, I have found out from Gaydon that the date it was produced was on the date shown below :

Further to your enquiry,the chassis number quoted, 122610 should have the prefix-LBCAV1AA technically proceeded by SAL, I suspect your problem may be due to the omission of the numeral 1 from between the letters V and A, (indicating RHD 4speed gearbox). Otherwise we can confirm that the vehicle is a Landrover Series 3, 109inch V8(less Catalyst), Right Hand Drive build date 14th October 1980. I hope this information is of help.

But I still cannot come up with why the Land Rover wasn't registered until 01 -01 -1988?? and after nearly 2 months the DVLA still have not returned the log book! The Insurers have the vehicle as being registered on 01-01-1987 and not 1988, the DVLA have errors on the Chassis number..... and an error on the engine number...someone put a Y and not a V for V8,and put an N instead of 11 on the engine number..as theres a scratch on the engine plate!

Should I push the DVLA,for the log book? should I tell them the errors that they have? ...My vehicle is 100% original,with original Chassis and Engine..but someone put the errors on an old log book...this might be why Norwich Union / Aviva could not even find the vehicle on their system...leaving nearly 2 months of hassle to get insured!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciatted! :)

Thank you..

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