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Kinda loud noise over 40 and a few other Qs


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Ok guys ... I have gotten everything fixed so far w/ the truck with your infinite wisdom ... round 2

I'm now down to 2 leaks! and I'm assuming its the gear selector shaft seals (haven't had time to look) I did clean off the gear box to be able to trace the leak but thats my idea. I have searched but how would I go about replacing them exactly? I found out what to do but not how to do.

Also... below 40mph its all quiet and all is well.. but after that the gear box gets a little loud / gearish and vibrationish like the ujoints went bad and its vibrating some... I checked and they are all good.

One more thing the bell housing drain plug hole has black oil coming out sometimes. Got any ideas?? its definately not gear oil (color difference) or its gear oil mixed with something...

thanks in advance!!!

Also on the gear box... 1st and 2nd are REALLY short for me on the throws ( like a inch or two) ... 3rd & 4th are regular (4-5inches)... I assume this is normal?

Thanks guys a lot!

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