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Series 2 gearbox rebuild gone wrong AGAIN.

Greg S

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A friend has rebuilt his gearbox twice now, after the first time a faulty ring fixing spring for 2 & 3rd gear sleeve fell out and things went south. When that was all sorted it still kept popping out of third. Because of this it is apart again and on disassembly it's found the peg for the main shaft distance sleeve has sheered (how do you get it out?) and the locator on the third gear thrust washer has shorn as well. There is discolouration on the distance piece so it has been turning and over 30 thou clearance on the fixing ring that should only have 7 thou. It had 7 thou on assembly last year. Any guess's on why it jumps out of third and why the distance piece isn't staying in place?

Thanks from the colonies.

Greg S


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