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newbe with a question


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Hi there , we have just bought a new freelander , well not new but new to us , you understand?

Anyway its a 1.8i petrol engine , 2003 really nice and we love it , only trouble is the fuel gauge dont work , well when I say dont work it goes from empty to full , then back to empty then back to full and so on........

First thought is electrical fault , second thought is the sender in the fuel tank , but as im not that clued up on the landrover freelander i thought id better ask someone who is .

any help or advice is welcomed as it horrible not having a fuel gauge because i will be towing a caravan with the car and dont want to run out with a 20ft caravan on the back and the fact that I like things to do what they are surposed to do lol

Thanks in advance.


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I have the same problem with mine. I can fill it to the top travel 10 miles and it shows almost empty :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: keep thinking it must be the in tank fuel sender but looks like a pain to change :( :(

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