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Header tank cap question.


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Hi guys

can anyone tell me if the header tank cap on an 03 disco 2 td5 needs to be as tight as you can get it or just hand tight, i only ask as my original one is leaking at the seals so i bought one a couple of weeks ago off ebay hopeing it would be a genuine one but it came in a blue box, anyway so with the new one fitted a couple of weeks ago i came to check the coolant level and when i undid the cap the center of the cap stayed inside the tank and the rest of the cap was in my hand so had to refit the original cap to get me to a L R dealer in stockport but when i got there they didn't have any in stock so drove to land ranger in stockport but they only had britpart ones in so being desperat i bought one and yesterday i rechecked the level and again the center of the cap stayed in the neck of the tank and just want to know is it me over tightening the caps or is it because of the make.



03 d2 td5 auto e.s.

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