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Will my 1994 Disco 300tdi have an OBDII plug?


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Evening / Morning all. Just quickly - I`d disconected the battery on my Disco to charge it, without realising it would set off the SRS light. I took it to a local independant landy guy (I`m in New Zealand btw), who has a Hawkeye scantool. I left it with him to reset the SRS light, but got a call 20 mins later saying that there was no plug for him to connect to, and to save money I should find it myself (He`d spent 15 mins looking for it). I can`t find the damn thing either.

What I did find is wierd. My truck is a 1994 Tdi, with twin airbags, but no ABS. In the SRS loom (the yellow covered one), there is a blanked off 4-pin connector, with three actual pins inside it - it has a plug fitted to stop anything earthing it.

Is this the diagnostic point for the SRS? I understand that the OBDII plug on 1995 and later discos is only for ABS and SRS - did they not bother with this for the earlier non-ABS vehicles?

My truck is a NZ-spec one if that makes any difference (they didn`t get ABS as standard until later in the 1990s).

I`d really appreciate any advice here - we`re stumped, and the SRS light is the only thing I need sorted for my Warrant of Fitness (our equivalent of your MOT).

Thanks in advance, Nick

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Ok, so I've got a 96 disco, but I've disconnected an reconnected the battery countless times and not ever had a problem like you describe.

If I remove the SRS fuse (F7 I think on mine - it's underneath a yellow cap) then the light will stay on.

Are you sure you've not popped a fuse?

My OBDII port is at the bottom left of the panel beneath the steering column (i.e. the fusebox cover)

Hope this is of some help.


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