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Hello everyone - I did have an account on here when I had my series 3, which unfortunately broke down and due to circumstances had to sell and move on from land rovers. I am 15 and I got rid of my land rover around and year and a half ago. I would like to know how it got on with it's new owner (I forget what he was called but he was on here) If you are reading this is was a Red truck backed 88inch - it had never been road registered.

I am now looking for an ex-military 110/90 (OR maybe series) with a canvas roof for an off roader and then once of legal driving age have it as a road car. I would be looking at a light project - nothing too complicated, I would be fine to bolt things on ect, just things like welding, chassis work ect. I currently have a KTM 85sx which I have out grown so I am looking to sell it and buy a land rover and then over the next couple of years work on it so that once I'm 17 I can use it as a road car.

If anyone Has a car that fits the above description for around £1000 please let me know, or if you bought my old series 3 please let me know how it went on and whether its on the road now.

Thanks Max

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