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Fuel injectors


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Hi everyone,

Can somone describe the sypmtoms of having knackered fuel injectors for me please?

Sorry to those of you who are Mud Club members as well, as this will be a repeat for you, but since removing and blanking off my EGR valve, I've been getting quite a bit of pale smoke on start up.

And then this morning, she started fine, but once the engine was running, it was really rattling and shaking and idling quite slowly - a bit like it did on the coldest mornings in the winter.

Seems fine after getting up to temperature, but seems to be running at qute low revs and every now and then will chuck out quite a lot of pale smoke under low throttle.

I'm going to put her in for a service early anyway but would appreciate any ideas on what this could be.



1994 Discovery 300Tdi

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