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Can I replace a TD5 110 rear tub with a TDi rear tub?

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Hi all,

An accident a few years ago resulted in repairs to various sections of my TD5 D/cab's C-pillar and a few more panels in that region.I have now decided to replace the entire rear tub including the c-pillar i.e purchase the whole thing as an easier replacement job rather than fiddly repairs.

Unfortunately after the accident body putty was used instead of replacing panels. The C pillar and top half where the rear door closes is still quite off line.

Is it possible to replace the tub with a TDi tub? The only issue I can think of is around the filler cap.

Would there be any spot welding involved or is it straight bolt on?

There must be posts on this forum regarding this - would be happy if someone could steer me in the general direction.

Many thanks,

Will F

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I would have thought that the Doublecab tub would have a fixed bulkhead, which given that doublecabs were not produced during the TDI's lifetime, would make the tub different?

By TDI, I am assuming you mean a stationwagon tub (ie so that the 2nd row doors, etc were catered for)?

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The double cab's bulkhead is removable. Spot welded and riveted in places but still removable. i.e any pickup bulk head and rear window section can be removed and put into a standard SW tub to create a double cab or single cab.

I am just hoping that removing the spot welding is not going to be too difficult... :blink:

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