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Appeal from TRF

floyd fan

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The TRF victory over the PDNPA and the Chapel Gate ETRO could be short-lived because the Authority has a meeting arranged for the 25th January at the PDNP Head Office to close it again.

I know its a Friday but its vitally important we make a lasting impression on the attendees to that meeting that they are messing with the wrong People. whilst we have speakers inside the meeting from the various user groups the Authority is just not listening to us and ignoring our rights.

We require as many Trailbikers and 4 x 4 vehicles as possible in the carpark at Alderny House BEFORE 9.00am to prevent visitors and members parking easily. We will conduct a Rally and Protest at the highest possible volume, complete with Placards, Banners, loud hailers and advertising. (Peak District National Park Authority, Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1AE)

This will only work if we are in the Hundreds. ( thousands would be good) we have to demonstrate to the Authorities that what they are doing by banning us from the Green Lanes affects a great number of people from allover the country. i implore every TRF Group, every motorcycle and 4 x 4 club to be represented and bring your vehicles ( road legal of course) and bring your Club Flags/ banners for identification as we will be on the Telly and all the papers.

After the Rally we will go out onto the lanes for a mass ride out, maybe more so be prepared.

The purpose of this is to persuade the Authority that it will be easier to work with us than Ban us. We want them to stop wasting the publics money and sit down and talk with us...........I want to be able to threaten the PDNPA that if they don't listen to us i have the power to cause them so much disruption they will regret the day they started this course of action and i can only do it if i have numbers. I can only do it if YOU care enough to take a day off work to be there on the 25Th of January.

Tell your friends, tell the Ramblers, tell everyone we are coming to Bakewell on the 25th........more the merrier. Please post this on your forums.

Cheers ... FF ...
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