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jumping out of gear


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I have just replaced my knackered gearbox on my SWB with a 'pre owned' one. (see other post re all the fun i had doing this) and the box i have in jumps out of first. all other gears are fine, it is just first, (it does occur in lo ratio as well). If you push the gear lever to try and get it back in you can hear the gears crunch,(this is with the clutch depressed). it is not a problem to get another box but as i have just fitted this one and would like to avoid all the hassle of pulling it out and putting another one in. anyone hazard a guess what may be up with this one and if they have an idea, any ideas of what could be done to fix it with the box in the vehicle??

in anticipation


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Your only hope Calvin I'm afraid, is that the mainshaft nut that secures the transfercase input gear is not tight enough and is allowing the 1st 2nd gear synchro hub to move away from 1st on coast. if it is indeed tight, or if tightening it up doesn't solve the problem, the box will have to come out and have a new 1st gear fitted to the mainshaft, because the synchro dog teeth have worn tapers on the coast side. A typical series 3 design problem that was only ever really addressed with the suffix D boxes towards the end of the models production.


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