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Smoke dischargers and Accesories - Info wanted


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I'm seeking info on the smoke dischargers used by the British military
I was wondering if anyone with the bumper mounted smoke launchers could take some dimensions for me? From what I understand they are a) hard to find b) hard to export so the next best thing is to have some made.
I'm seeking some basic dimensions to start, length and diameter of the tubes, height/length/width of the main mounting box, overall size of the launcher itself.
Would really appreciate any information on them.

As well would anyone know where to source the launch box for said launcher? or is that also a difficult piece to find?


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Making a mock up discharger is easy - a few bits of the right diameter pipe and a base with a MOD plate on it.

Don't forget the weather proof caps - thaty remainon allthe time to keep the smoke cans in perfect working order.

They are a one shot deal - press the button and all 4 fire at once. The grenades don't go particularly far and if you get the wind direction wrong, you end up filling your escape route with smoke instead, which is not a clever thing to do when you are reversing away from an enemy ambush......

It's more effective to throw hand smoke out of the windows instead if there is a spare crewman who isn't firing off something more deadly at the enemy at the time.

All in all they are a useless piece of kit.

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Smoke dischargers are meant for use on "A" vehicles primarily, not "B" - notable exceptions being Pinkies and WMIKS. On these they were/are used to cover the egress from an attack run. Anything else - recce variants, home bred gunships etc, used the method described by M.I.B above

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