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Near side fog light has become detached


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A few months ago I noticed whist cleaning my 4 year old F2 that the near side fog light appeared to be loose. On closer inspection I found that one of the holding screws had become detached. As the car was due a service I asked my local main dealer to rectify, thinking it was a simple job! I was astonished to be told that the whole bumper had to be removed to access the holding screws at a cost of over £400 plus VAT! As the light was still held by the remaining screw I decided to leave it. The other screw has now become detached!

Has anyone else experienced this? Also, surely this must be a design fault that should be referred back to LR. It is ludicrous to pay £500+ to repair a couple of screws costing 5p, or am I being naive. Or, is their a simple way to rectify.

I attach a photo.

Any advice gratefully received.

Many thanks


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