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SRS light stays on – 1998 Disco 1 300TDI with airbag module in steerin


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SRS light stays on – 1998 Disco 1 300TDI with airbag module in steering wheel, 186k miles. A no-cost repair is possible!

Problem first started to manifest with the SRS light intermittently coming ON, mainly when driving.

Finally suspected that turning the steering wheel caused the SRS light to come ON.

After a few days it stayed ON permanently, probably dodgy connection or broken wire?

Looked at the video on YouTube for guidance, the probable likely cause was the steering wheel rotary wiring connector, with broken wire - i.e. RANGE ROVER P38 (Disco1 & Disco2) AIR BAG ROTARY COUPLING SQUIB YRC100350 . purchased mine from islelandrovers at £80.

OK do the usual procedure to replace existing SQUIB YRC100350 unit.

1. disconnect battery and leave for 30 minutes to discharge before removing steering wheel air bag module

2 . undo the 2 x 30mm torx screws and unplug the air-bag 2-wire connector(red & yellow wires)

3. undo steering wheel nut to last three threads and rock steering wheel off its splines. (The nut saves the steering wheel possibly hitting you in the face)

4. Then basically follow the YouTube video with disconnecting the wires and plugs, replace the SQUIB YRC100350 unit, and put everything back.

On start-up, everything was now working fine, so that was the fix for me @ £80.

Testing the old SQUIB unit I found there was continuity for the air-bag red wire from red plug to red plug but the yellow wire had broken between the two plugs.


There are 6 wires in the white plug beneith the steering wheel and 5 of them AREN’T USED on my 300TDI, only the purple/black is used and all those unused 5 wires tested for good continuity to the black plug. All I needed to have done is connect the air-bag Yellow wires to one of these unused 5 wires beneath the steering wheel in the white plug and then the same wire at the black plug residing in the steering wheel – job done saving £80.

This fix works for my Disco1 1998. Hope this is also a fix for the Disco2 and P38?


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