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Well this is how it all started...



Well I have got her, my new toy, ready for prepping  biggrin.gif



Plans are to swap the Britpart/ProComp lift kit from the Rangie you can see in the background (only 6 months old) and add a few other nice bits at the same time such as cranked radius/trailing arms, lower shock mounts/turrets, cones etc...

Rims will be replaced with some steel items to take the 235/85s on the other Range (the rims they are on at the moment are.... lets just say a bit past it). The mandatory arch trimming will happen, at least on the front -the rear will probably be just the inner, steel arch, as I have got away with that before, leaving the aluminium outer cover in tact.

And then the also mandatory protection... steering and axle guard (most important after the last DRD I went on!) The plan is to fabricate a rear HD bumper, as I have some 3.5" tube here waiting... should be chunky enough! And fab the rear recovery point(s) at the same time.

Oh, and the LPG needs swapping from old Rangie as well....

I think I have a busy couple of months ahead blink.gif


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