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  1. Is it possibly leaking around the outside of the seal?
  2. Not sure what you are asking here, they look like wiring diagrams, of sorts, to me, better than most chinesium. What are you trying to do?
  3. Yes, you can, just be quick to avoid a small mess. Often these switches themselves leak, though also not uncommon for the front cover to leak.
  4. The HP22 is fine with a 4.6 as long you don't go entirely mad with it. You can get much cheaper/easier autobox controllers these days, CompuShift was at one point about the only one, and it was £1K. You can DIY one for under £100 I reckon.
  5. This is where my brain was going when I mentioned the cracked casing above, but confess I didn't know a process that could work with aluminium. It has to be this, or as above, the solenoid leaking a little, pushing the cone just enough to push back the springs a little. I have to wonder it it could be made to work with a lever, and no pump at all!
  6. Or just fit it is a V8 disco autobox, the hp22, which is a non-electronic box.
  7. I suppose it is possible there is a hairline crack in the casing ?
  8. Land Rover in its natural resting place, with the bonnet up.
  9. I think maybe, just maybe, we are beginning to stray just ever so slightly off topic.....
  10. Perhaps she's not made down under yet, but her name is Greta Thunberg. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greta_Thunberg
  11. Not sure why you are cluttering this thread up with pictures of that famous actor, no matter how good, or bad, her performances are.
  12. Yup, that video is in the Ineos thread, EU brakes are waaaaay better than yank stuff, it seems.
  13. Perhaps the new idle valve passes more air when closed than the rover version? The rover valve had a rubber end to it, but the standard bosch valves are just aluminium to aluminium, so quite possibly will leak more. it really doesn't matter how much you have to wind the bypass out, as long as you get down to ~600 As for the graph, not sure what you are asking?
  14. Speed ratings and the like are not enforced like that in Deutschland, for example winter tyres often have lower speed ratings as the rubber is more supple and more prone to overheat. So funnily enough, the drivers just don't go faster than the tyre is designed for. It is quite legal, here and there, to drive on tyres with a lower speed rating than the top speed of the vehicle.
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