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  1. Sounds quite plausible to me. I would be tempted, if cheap, to replace it, as it looks like it is not supposed to come apart, and the prospect of having to disassemble everything again just to fix it as it has fallen apart is not something I would entertain.
  2. This one? https://yrmit.co.uk/product/inner-wing-brake-pipe-bracket-part-f-land-rover-discovery-1range-rover-classic/ Not sure if available from the usual suspects.
  3. Mine was one of their trick quick ratio ones, was a bit more
  4. When I bought a new box, not a recon years ago, it was about £500, when recons were ~£250, IIRC. No recons available now, so guess they can do what they want with the price.
  5. Or just keep the 'Microsoft technician' that tells me I have a problem in the registry on the phone for 30 minutes until they get so cross they start saying 'you should just put your computer in the bin, you are too stupid to own one'. At that point reply with 'actually I have a mac'. Wait for the stunned silence to end. More abuse, and 'why did you go through all that?' Reply with 'well it stopped you scamming someone else didn't it?' *exasperated screams* *dial tone*
  6. I guess the pushing thing is just trying to avoid people not thinking and doing the wrong thing. To your last question, you are correct Done this before to check diff ratios on a truck that happened to drive very weirdly, it had different ratios front to rear....
  7. Yep Think of it an axle trying to turn a corner with one wheel at the centre of a circle, the rotational speed has to go somewhere
  8. Check the load rating on the back of them, they will need to cope with whatever the GVM is of the 110DC. They may or may not fit over the drive flanges, dependant on the age of the axles, you need the later thinner ones, and not the massive mushrooms of the early axles. You can get round it with spacers, but you may well not want to....
  9. I know some have just taken a grinder/flap wheel to those bosses with no problems.
  10. Quite like the simplicity and clockwork nature of the Bluesea solution tbh.
  11. If you include the accessory draw in your calculation, maybe, but a lead acid battery will only ever take a max of 25A even if completely flat.
  12. Just imagine what the non-genuine part would be like....
  13. Seems possible, garage is this one: https://www.mexus.co.uk/ Companies House data: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09755759 Director: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09755759/officers From the name, I don't think arturradukevic453 is related, also a quick google reveals he is spread across many, many forums, and posting rubbish. It is most likely a spambot, or possibly a poor Chinese Uyghur chained to a desk
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