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  1. I suppose the other side of the coin is that when you see people doing it online, less experienced people think it is 'OK' to do, and then go and have an almighty accident losing a finger or worse. I suppose it is a bit of social responsibility that is required when you put yourself in the limelight -something I know I have mentioned before. Do what you want in your home, but if you are in any way showing how something can be done, be sure you are not teaching people bad or dangerous habits.
  2. Thumb on the back of the guard really helps steady the thing too. Maybe @FridgeFreezerhasn't had enough trips to A&E yet 😛
  3. Definitely rusty relays, energise and listen for a click, and check continuity between braided contact and whichever it is contact with.
  4. Never have a problem with neoprene, always grippy, even when oily.
  5. I 'slipped' when I was moving a piece of steel with the grinder running. I know what happened, I had run out of neoprene gloves and had a latex one on my left hand, and they just don't have the grip neoprene has, my hand slipped off, and the index finger contacted the spinning grinder. Result was a 4 hour trip to A&E, the wounded knuckle was scrubbed out under local anaesthesia which clearly didn't work, using something which approximated itself to brown scotchbrite. Two days later I had to visit A&E again as it wa getting very swollen, diagnosed as infected, antibiotics prescrib
  6. Absolutely, made me cringe. A slip with a guard is just a slip, and carry on, without it is a trip to A&E. Rest of it was fab!
  7. There's a man not frightened of a bit of work. Good job so far.
  8. Yep, and yep it does. Looking at the setup in the photos above it looks like what I described... Happy to be corrected otherwise.
  9. Without a restrictor, it is a 6mm barb straight into the plenum.... Quite a bit of air flows through that, from air filter, to rocker cover, through crankcase, out the other rocker cover breather straight into the plenum. If nothing else, just block any barbs on the plenum base off for the moment, unless you actually need it to run.
  10. Where it connects to the plenum base, at least that is what the stock inlet looks like.
  11. Do you have a restrictor before the inlet? If not, will also mess up the MAP, should be 4mm from memory.
  12. ..... And run on a budget, spare is half the size of the ones fitted.
  13. How have you hooked up the engine breathers?
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