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  1. Bowie69

    R380 defender long stick to short

    You read it again... he's offering you a swap defender for disco box.... at least that's what I got from it.
  2. Bowie69

    V8 exhaust manifold bolt torque

    I had mine skimmed, which of course helped, I also used the composite big border versions of the gaskets, which are much thicker than the nasty multi-layer tin ones, helps lots with unevenness.
  3. I don't remember what it looks like behind there, over to you I am afraid
  4. Bowie69

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Yep, they do
  5. Bowie69

    Intercoolers and other bits

    That does seem a very well performing setup, at least in what is still quite cool weather.
  6. Bowie69

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Hmm, well most, even the cheapest compressors, go up to 8bar/100psi. If it isn't, you aren't plugged into the regulated output are you? They normally have two, one regged, one not. If not, then as above, turn the wick up a little, the power difference between 70 and 100psi is quite marked. Check your existing hose out first before buying a new one, I managed to open mine up with a drill bit, I eventually replaced it, but made a huge difference with high consumption tools Even prior to fixing the hose I was able to squirt warm and thinned waxoyl, which is much thicker than what you have, with a standard degreasing gun with embaressing amounts of power inside a lightweight chassis, proper atomisation, and full internal coating. With your current setup, perhaps just patience is the answer.
  7. Bowie69

    V8 exhaust manifold bolt torque

    Do them up until they don't leak!
  8. No, remove and work out how to plug the hole. It's a stepper motor, so poking with 12v won't do anything.
  9. Bowie69

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Agreed, the compressor at 100psi will be the same as any other compressor at 100psi. Warm the wax, and check your hoses for small orifices, on a similar cheap compressor I found one new hose only had ~2mm passage in the hose just behind one of the fittings.
  10. Bowie69

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    If the inside is as good as the outside looks, that'll be great!
  11. Bowie69

    Stainless Steel vs Catalytic Corrosion

    Yes, stainless + aluminium = bad news without a barrier.
  12. Nope. You need to do something with it, this is 99% likely your problem....
  13. What did you do with the old stepper to make sure it is closed? The one behind the drill bit in recent pic?
  14. Bowie69

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Simplistic, modernist, cheesy tat. Similarly, I can't stand when supposedly professional energy supply firms start using cheesy phrases to sound hip and cool. Recently I changed energy firms, and when complete I got an email saying: 'Welcome, you are now a bulberino!'. Grates so badly with me, and wears thin extremely fast, as always, style over substance Also, how long before the 'Go' pedal no longer does.
  15. Bowie69

    Range Rover Classic Rough Running

    Hmmm.... Looks like. It, doh

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