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  1. Could be a split in expansion tank, they can close up again afterwards and go unnoticed. I would take thermostat out and test it, I doubt it would be sticking shut, it is normally the other way -not closing properly. I wouldn't be so quick to say head gasket or worse, it is likely it is not that at all...
  2. MS3X - Air Flow Meter

    Yup exaclty ^^ Bypasses the throttle plate
  3. Engine Oil

    I always liked Duckhams Q-grade, the green stuff, ran so well/sounded so good... Nowadays I would likely stick something more modern in, any 15w50 or similar.
  4. MS3X - Air Flow Meter

    I assume MS3X has a MAP sensor? In which case it uses that along with the air temperature to work out air mass rather than an actual air mass meter.
  5. ****part 5140 Drive Members

    Watch out Andy, Doug will be getting suspension envy
  6. smoky brakes, rear axle revision?

    There is always Speedisleeves, if you can get one in that size.
  7. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    To me that sounds pretty good value...
  8. Spacers, Wheels, Tyres etc etc

    Also exactly as you would with alloy wheel against steel hub. So in other words, what a crock
  9. Ok.... Axle disc brake, hub conversion

    Fitted with studlock you should see no problems with them coming undone... If you really wanted you could probably work out a way to lock wire them as well?
  10. Head gasket blown? - odd symptoms

    All good then I think if you look carefully there is a bit of text on it telling that that is where to fill it to
  11. Head gasket blown? - odd symptoms

    Not wishing to slight you in any way, but what level are you filling it up to?
  12. Troubleshooting CB radio

    In the dim dark days of playing with CBs, there was always a 0.4/4W switch on the back of the unit, does yours have one?
  13. Troubleshooting CB radio

    What power are you transmitting on?
  14. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    From your description now, it is beginning to sound like the transfer case diff. With front prop off, with it in gear bit out of diff lock, can you spin the front output flange? Any roughness? If still drain the oil, it can tell you lots. Is there any side to side play on the flange?
  15. Range Rover Classic 3.9 Overfueling

    Check signal at ecu using hotwire diagnostics in the tech archive.