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  1. Ethanol.... Nasty stuff, by all accounts.
  2. Woah, not sure how i managed that, but thanks....
  3. I suppose storage, for one thing, is an issue for some people. That and rose tinted specs that it will only take 3 weeks to complete
  4. Still hidden under the mezzanine in the body prep shop.
  5. Interesting..... Spotted this: Life time: up to 50000 hours So if you drive for 10 hours a week at night on average (quite possible if you have an hour or more commute), they will be dead before 10 years is done. Just an observation probably true for all of them.
  6. Have to note the 17mpg was a lot of off road and towing kids about on sledges, I doubt that helped!
  7. Oh my, needless digital skullduggery, words fail me. Harry tested the Panamera and was less positive, shall we say!
  8. Watching that.... The straight 6 petrol sounds lovely....
  9. Review from Harry, 5pm tonight: https://twitter.com/harrym_vids/status/1350750816265773056
  10. Here's a thread on rebuilding the LT77, 2WD version, but essentially identical to the 4WD version, posted by some very kind person:
  11. You can normally quite easily shorten pumps, either through cutting and welding, or making up a joining bracket between two shorter pieces. Without seeing the pump you have, tricky to know. Level sender's, if on a wire, can be bent so they at least give a proper empty warning, but perhaps read full for a while. Or, you shorten them, so give a reasonable scale, but more prone innaccuracies, i think.
  12. Why? Is probably the question..... Made a very practical usable vehicle into something that appears to have no benefits over the original....
  13. To be honest, the main problem round here is fog, which of course main beam is no good for whatsoever... Add in freezing to the fog, and it gets quite exciting trying to spot the patches of black ice round here
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