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  1. 12J non-start issue

    I think that will be fine Just recheck the clearances after 500 miles to be sure
  2. sand tyres ?

    Re-found it now back on tablet : Latter comment was aimed at the comparison to the wartime aircraft balloons. As for airing down on tubes, it is a great way to knacker them if travelling distances, as the wear against the inside of the tyre rapidly. You can go to much, much lower pressures on modern, tubeless tyres, not only because of construction, but because they don't have tubes. I would add to the discussion that wider tyres are very likely to be heavier, multiply that by six for an overland and you can end up being quite a lot heavier, which makes everything work harder and break easier, sink easier, and use more fuel. Add lightness and all that
  3. sand tyres ?

    Andrew White in the YouTube video I mentioned, does say almost exactly what eightpot is saying, and explains why it is better to have a narrower tyre. You cannot compare 70 year old tyre design where you couldn't air them down, as you were running tubes, to modern tubeless tyres, completely different kettle of fish.
  4. sand tyres ?

    Andrew White gave a pretty good explanation as to why narrow tyres work on soft sand, today, on YouTube, 4xOverland I think is the user name. He's not perfect, but has done a lot of expedition sand driving.
  5. 200tdi sump oil pan

    My understanding is that you don't use a sump gasket, but RTV on a 200TDI. This would help the bolts secure themselves, and indeed glue them in place slightly as well. No need for loctite I am sure.
  6. Strange starting issue AGAIN

    Sounds like a loose wire to me...
  7. Range Rover Classic Not Starting

    Which efi system?
  8. 6cyl SWB?

    A 5mm spacer would be cheap to get made.
  9. Which is best ?

    Oh, and no more than 6 lamps
  10. Which is best ?

    Maybe, but blinding an oncoming driver is probably a more serious issue... That previous was in response to Mike BTW, not you.
  11. 12J non-start issue

    As above, check pushrods, even at cranking speed this can happen, and would explain the valve clearances.
  12. Which is best ?

    Clearly not, lightbars and roofrack mounted lamps are off-road use only. .... and technically, you are also supposed to have an even number of lamps at the front, so a small lightbar fitted to a nudge bar is also illegal on the road.
  13. What kind of mounts is it using?
  14. Venturing off road again.......

    Yus, any of the 94mm(?) bore, so 3.9 and above *can* slip, but to be honest, if it hasn't done already, I would be very surprised if it ever did. Fixing it isn't as expensive as it used to be, so you do not need to worry about it IMHO, as long as what you buy has coolant in it rather than water, and doesn't give off steam like a loco