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  1. Flat power tool batteries - what to do ?

    I have zapped nicad with no explosion, didn't fix it though....
  2. 80" Range Rover on portals.

    Well yes of course, point is though, drivetrain is way heavier than bodywork, even with it raised a few inches, you are not going to suddenly take a forward roll.
  3. 80" Range Rover on portals.

    It won't fall over for the same reason trucks don't flop forward when racing on circuits -most of the mass is still low down no matter how large the body may appear, the drivetrain is HEAVY.
  4. Yes, D1 and RRC should both swap over IIRC.
  5. Flat power tool batteries - what to do ?

    My understanding of bosch lithium batteries is that once a cell goes below a certain voltage, the electronics kick in and stop you ever using the pack again. This is pretty annoying when using a pack until empty, and it is nice and warm, then the temperature drops and so does cell voltage = dead pack. The refurb company is probably replacing this circuit with one that doesn't cut out, and checking the cells to see all is good. Lithium cells are not the bomb you hear on the internet, where everything is true, they burn, that's all, but only if really badly damaged. You can take one apart safely. It is one reason I went with the Milwaukee M18 setup, after my mates Bosch batteries just did not last at all. Personally I wouldn't give them 24V, that is asking for trouble Cheap packs are awful...
  6. Superwinch Tigershark range

    Perhaps once mounted give it a spray with some clear cavity wax to protect it? They do take a beating mounted that far up front.
  7. Yes, leave attached if at all possible, even if just to stem the flow of blood from under your truck when you pull it off. I don't find them bad to line up to be honest, I have done a few with the box still in the car...
  8. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    We've all done it, I had a good giggle when I saw about two sheets of blue rag shooting out the exhaust of V8 after rebuild, I had accidentally left them stuffed in the intake Very glad it is sorted, must feel good now
  9. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Had similar issues with my Audi which likes 0.8w capless bulbs, impossible to find, a dab of paint on a 1.2w version stops it being overly bright. I'm guessing. VDO one will look best byways
  10. Road trip

  11. DRLs over here tend to be a strip of extremely bright, white LEDs, that do glare quite badly, especially when people with lit up dashboards don't realise they still need to put their headlamps on when it gets dark!
  12. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    Hmm thinking about it, cam timing could easily do this as well?
  13. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    Or way too loose = valve barely opens = lumpy running and not enough air for the fuel injected.
  14. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    As above, I would be looking at the intake pipework/intercooler post-turbo, and leaks here can give black smoke. Smoke from a badly timed pump is normally white or blue, black is definitely over-fuelling for whatever reason.