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  1. I'm very lucky to have a local family run cinema, where the screen is big enough, and the volume does not leave my insides scrambled. Oh, and £4 a ticket, whatever the film, beats Odeon where I mistakenly walked in a few years ago and for two tickets is was £21.90! Perhaps you have a similar place?
  2. From the last fuel crisis, motorway services were heavily prioritised, as recovering people out of fuel is a lot harder when on a motorway! So suggest you try there, @reb78.... My suspicion is it will all be over by then.
  3. Like I said selfish........
  4. Yep, just had a chat with a taxi driver, he's almost on empty, and clearly needs it to work. The world can be full of selfish..... when push comes to shove. I have half a tank (about 150 miles) and will fill up once all this blows over and the service stations are like ghost towns.
  5. Well, I was *quite* close with brake line clips 😛
  6. Precisely, was just recalling, and even used a different name 😉 To me, the name needs work, but that's obviously up to you 😉
  7. Moonlight? Remember something else going by a very similar name on here... https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/3807-moglite-update/
  8. E85 won't be suitable for a lot of cars, it has a much lower calorific value compared to regular petrol.
  9. The audi is running its original fuel hoses from the factory, hopefully they will survive
  10. To add, very little stress on the input shaft at this point, only the twist between the engine and box, which is small. Squirt of WD40 and leave for the night, go in for a beer
  11. Yes. Running fine in my 91 audi coupe quattro 20v.
  12. Really no point, you have all sorts of things going on, even water on the O2 sensor mucks things up.
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