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  1. Pretty certain I can see three angle valve job in there, and some flashing removed is clear, so I would be tempted to leave it be. Don't change the combustion chamber shape, unless you want to start grinding them to match volume down to <1cc....
  2. A thirsty version of the 1.8 troubled engine. If it has been fixed in the past, they are probably OK. But they do drink!
  3. Oil will get suckled up out the dipstick, like a lot of vehicles now.
  4. Hang on a minute... wait... no, I've realised, I don't want to listen to you any more.
  5. You need to define gravel roads better then, because gravel roads does not mean it would destroy a car by assumption.
  6. If you change the rings, you need to hone the corresponding cylinder.
  7. Bowie69

    TD5 to V8

    Ignore that, all smoke and mirrors and people (looking at you, RPI) making money off the back of people's insecurities. The only way to avoid it is go with a 3.5, which I doubt you will want to do....
  8. Get yourself some decent pistons and slap it back together.
  9. Flex hone and very slow drill speed and you will be fine. Have done so very effectively a number of times.
  10. More likely fed into his own supercharger.
  11. As it is cast iron, yes, cilit bang, oven cleaner, or anything with caustic soda in it. Don't use on aluminium parts, too strong
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