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  1. Major IVA change

    Twas what I thought, hence my comment above about it being essentially a new vehicle.
  2. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    I had a MK2 Cab SRi on over 200k, was a good laugh An accident (not my fault) killed it at almost 20 years old.
  3. Major IVA change

    Yep, Pete, I know I read it, but now can't find it again! As you say, very poorly worded and needs much greater clarification, either way it will affect us negatively.
  4. Wolf rear springs on 90

    Aren't the Wolf's 110 based? In which case the springs are the wrong diameter.
  5. Major IVA change

    I think we are looking in two different places, in the online response form it mentions euro 6 engines only. Also as Mike says, for a new vehicle, which effectively his is, with an older engine, he needs to meet new emission standards, which I don't the venerable 200tdi would ever met.
  6. Advice, Body change, notifying etc.

    That a VIC? They've been canned now...
  7. Major IVA change

    One of the questions in the online form specifically asks if vehicles going for IVA should have to comply to Euro6.
  8. Major IVA change

    Agreed, it basically would mean new crate engines complete with ECU is the only viable transplant. Aftermarket ECUs probably wouldn't get it to run well enough for the test, so would have to be a post-IVA change, but I bet they would legislate against that.... Has the time of the car being a thing of passion gone?
  9. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    I'd want to pull apart the existing engine before committing to anything
  10. Major IVA change

    Indeed, it is not lost on me...
  11. Major IVA change

    Euro 6 is emissions test standards for the latest and greatest engines with turbos, dpfs, egr etc. Basically what the newest vehicles have to meet to enable them to be sold in the EU.
  12. Major IVA change

    Done here as well, it is one tiny part, I suspect, and also hope it won't come to fruition. Would mean Binky is a track car only then.
  13. New Series - RR Heavy

    A lot of the time these old classics had their temperature gauge in the cap, hence the hole
  14. Mig reccomendations h

    ... don't discount a second hand professional machine, it is where I would start if looking for a replacement for my Clarke 151TE.
  15. New Series - RR Heavy

    Model T. I *may* have confirmed it by actually googling for brass radiator caps... My only other guess was a 1920s fire engine, same era I guess