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  1. Where is the bite point on the pedal?
  2. I always got that impression too, but was only hearsay, so good to have it somewhat confirmed...
  3. Welcome back Jeff
  4. Oh please.....! If you want a technical instruction manual a copy of the Haynes manual is a good start.
  5. To add to the above, no I am at a proper keyboard, the RRC pipes actually flow very nicely, in fact JED re-cast them slightly larger for their uber-power engines, to get a bit more flow, acknowledging that they are a good design from factory, plus the long branches to the Y help loads. In fact, if I were to recommend to you a system, it would be what you have, in stainless. Go up a bore size if you want, but for a 3.9 you won't see much change, but be in a good place should you go to a 4.6 in the future.
  6. Removing middle box makes it way too loud...
  7. I think the point is, it is supposed to be insurance, and the insurance company should have the financial backup to pay these claims, and not have to raise the individual premium next year. After your truck was stolen, did it make the risk any greater next year? No, certainly not. That is why they are thieves. Same for accidents, if you have one you tend to drive much more carefully and therefore less likely to crash, though of course this is far more subjective.
  8. The 2x3 way manifolds, is that the exhaust?
  9. The MOD versions were bolt in as well.
  10. Not wishing to point you elsewhere, but anyways:
  11. is way down in Somerset, near Taunton, the ad is up in Milton Keynes, so I would say at least that dealer hadn't done that.
  12. What you are feeling is the frequency of the puffing becoming higher, so it is less perceptible, also as engine speed increases, blow-by doesn't necessarily increase. It sounds to me your engine is in perfect health. Oh, and other reasons for black smoke when hoofing it, is perished lines, blocked intercooler/hoses and various other things.
  13. Well it is a diesel, it WILL smoke black when you hoof it. If it goes very well then sounds like someone has been playing with the pump, which will result in even more black smoke. For a diesel (actually and a petrol), black smoke is just unburnt fuel presenting a rich mixture, but it is very normal to have it coming out the tail pipe. Blue is oil, white is either unignited fuel or water vapour from combustion or the cooling system(!) Why did you change the head gasket? Seems those results aren't exactly terrible to me, though finding specific figures for the 300TDI is proving tricky. What does it test as now?
  14. That sounds pretty normal to me, at least the bit about the oil cap. Without understanding the aerodynamics of the cyclone breather and the passage of air around it it would be hard to make comments on it. Any engine will have some blow by, it is the nature of the beast, and 4 pistons going up and down at a high rate of knots is going to create a load of turbulence. I suspect you may be looking at something and worrying unnecessarily.
  15. Going over your other posts I would say start looking at the selector mechanism, the slight slowing in engine revs when trying to engage may be the synchro cones beginning to engage, but not getting enough throw to actually select. Not sure why heat would effect it, but certainly worth a look.