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  1. Sounds like you have a good 'un then
  2. I'm struggling to see how the pin would be too long to be honest, the rest of the swivel is identical. But if a man says so, so be it
  3. Loosen rear trim, unpeel fabric from back side of board, pull tight and re-affix trim to hold it all in place. Works for a while at least, and probably better if you have a sunroof.
  4. I wouldn't worry, a good motorway stint should sort thing out... If it isn't missing, then the plugs are fine.
  5. It can, but likely be OK if it was just a short stint.
  6. Ah... there's the sound of a man so in love, he won't even divulge how much she cost Sorry for the OT-ish bits, back to your build, that sheet metal work on the rear half of the body looks stunning! You mention that there was something amiss with the chassis... the only thing I can see is some LPG tank straps (on a diesel.....?), was there something else?
  7. I'm sure there will be plenty of lawyers ready to sort it out for you, Ralph, for a fee of course.
  8. No matter how wonderful autonomous vehicles are, I still enjoy driving, so I will have no need for them. If I want an autonomous vehicle I will call a taxi.
  9. I would get the coolant changed to be honest, it will help stop corrosion, which is partially the cause of the head gaskets going on these...
  10. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think the pre-ABS or imperial axles were 6-bolt to the swivel, and the ABS/metric axles were 7 bolt to the swivel, which means you can't fit them together, at least not easily If it were me, I wouldn't want a mixture of parts on my front axle, and would fit the axle complete, if you are rebuilding, rebuild with the standard parts to that axle. As for the ABS sensor, it is very probably you can fit a non-ABS top pin to the swivel joint which doesn't have the hole for a sensor, that way it is all completely sealed and you have no reason to leave the sensor in there. Part for the non-ABS top pin is:
  11. ....and they all came with intercoolers from factory. Power losses from.that? Small-ish, but they help massively with keeping the engine cooler therefore prolonging life.
  12. That's a very pretty adapter, no doubt the rest of the vehicle will be of interest to many on here...