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  1. Poscott

    Starting problems

    I had the same problem on a Rover 75 V6. Didn't cost that much for a new one, and was a doddle to fit. If you do try freeze spray, be very frugal. Only a 1 to 2 second burst.
  2. Poscott

    Parking sensors ?

    Try pulling the fuse out. The beeping stops as if by magic.
  3. Poscott

    Frustrating Freelander

    So I'm feeling a little flush this month and book the workhorse in for an overdue oil change. I swear it thinks I've got money to burn because next day, the usually reliable temp gauge keeps bouncing well above the red then back down, then back up, etc etc etc..... Please tell me its something simple. First question everyone will ask....is it a petrol? Nope. Supa reliable L-series.
  4. Poscott

    Discovery Sport

    I'm sticking with my first comment. After looking at the rest of the market, it is overpriced. Yes it may last longer, but does the original purchaser really expect to keep the car till its broken up for parts.
  5. Poscott

    Need help to buy a freelander.Please !

    Get a diesel. Just in case you missed that, 'GET A DIESEL'.
  6. Poscott

    Disco or Land Cruiser

    Update: Still got my Freelander. Decided it's too much of an old pal to lose. In addition I bought a big engined coupe to zip up and down the motorway. The Kandy comes out at weekends for dogs, fishing and taxi duty.
  7. Poscott

    Tyres question again

    If you have 16", swap the lot for 75's.
  8. Poscott

    Discovery Sport

    Went into my local LR dealer today to dream. Came across the new Disco Sport which I believe is the Freebie replacement. Now I know the showroom model was higher spec than standard, but at £36k I wonder if LR are being realistic?
  9. Poscott

    Hi from Camridgeshire

    The great thing is, you'll find it keeps going with bits falling off, and you'll grow to love it. I 'really' love mine.
  10. Poscott

    Spares to carry ?

    Sometimes I wonder if its worth towing a donor car behind my Freelander. Just in case.
  11. Poscott

    Disco or Land Cruiser

    What a great informative post. Thank you.
  12. Poscott

    An Introduction to the Td5

    What a great informative post. Thank you.
  13. Poscott

    Disco or Land Cruiser

    Okay. So getting serious and after looking at various offerings, if I opt for a disco around the £3.5k mark, what should I be looking for? The V8's look cheap and I worry about ones with LPG but I am tempted. A lot of car for the money. Your thoughts.
  14. Poscott

    Bigger tyres

    Gumtree is good. Be wary though. I bought a set of 15" wheels with good tyres cheap and apart from the offset being wrong they looked awfully skinny. You can get a set of 16's with bald tyres for less than £100. Go with the bigger tyre option then. Transit tyres cost as little as £50 each for a budget option when fitted. Austones for example are excellent in the wet and will last twice as long as a standard road tyre. Don't forget to change the spare as well.
  15. Poscott

    Disco or Land Cruiser

    Blue is today's black then?

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