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  1. So you talking about the square box which heats up correct on passenger side in engine bulkhead. So there are no fuses I take better get checking the wire then. Still wondering about the click it made when I got the 3/4 key turn.
  2. I had the same problem and took out the thermostat to test ang guess what stayed perfectly in the middle. I would try that you will have no heat in the cap pecs use in how the pump set up is organized..
  3. Thanks old Hand It's a 1978 series 3 Dutch Lwt So I checked for the fuses were you said but there are no fuses there. Maybe lwt' are different. One of the original glow plugs was burned out so ordered more. However I don't even get the ignition to initiate the relay
  4. Hi guys I am new to this forum and was hoping somebody can help me. My 2.25 diesel is not Goni g into glow mode anymore when I turn key 3/4 turn. No click in module. So my questions - is there a fuse for that function I can't find it - what could be the issue Any help would be appreciated so I know where to start to look..
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