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  1. Self lubricating underside

    I had an old carpet under mine. but that made only more mess. As my car is standing still for monts i park it in the garage, wait 1 night and throw a shovel of sand on the spots that already have fresh oil to catch the rest.
  2. free wheeling hubs

    I had one of my FWH's filled with gunk (sealant) because it apparently broke on the pre-previous owners trip and was filled to keep in engaged. Other one was just fine. I found a good an cheap solution: http://www.paddockspares.com/571711-drive-flange-24-spline.html
  3. Another 3k-4k and its done

    Tim_NZ you shouldn't be posting in this thread. Get a build thread (or dit i miss it???) and post all pictures you have. You realise this is like porn for all that try and keep their series on the road?!? To bad it ain't a 109
  4. Nice, now google for a while to learn how to measure bearrings or find a site that lists the land rover bearings for me
  5. I Guess I'll go with the NTN bearings from: http://www.land-rover-parts-shop.com/en/ui/search.php?q=RTC3426G&stp=s http://www.land-rover-parts-shop.com/en/ui/search.php?q=RTC3416G&stp=s the biggest difference seems that these are fixed in their race (or how is that outer layer the bearings roll in called?)
  6. Bloody SIII - swivel play?

    I guess I have some Haynes Land Rover restauration manual. But as I got to removing the stubaxles alrealdy while placing my zeus brake kit I guess the 2 balljoints and removing the halfshaft aren't gonna kill me Will have a look in the manuals to see what they say about the shims. Will make a decent shoppinglist for this summer. For now, I;ve just driver ~5KMs testing my zeus brakes and they are awesome! it stops!!! Big thanks to anyone on here for advice, tips and the humor needed to just keep going! My next job is more custom. As the seat box under the seats is cut up for placing 2 extra diesel tanks the seat is easy reachable for mice from under the vehicle... and they did! They've enjoyed my old seats so much I decided to leave the new ones in the box till I got this sorted. Today I managed to cut and pop some sheets of galvanized steel (~0.6mm thin) to size and mounted 1 side. Unfortunately I don't have the option of getting 'sheets' of landrover aluminium at a good price here in France.
  7. Bloody SIII - swivel play?

    Yups, my 109 Station (9 seater) had the rear seats removed but had the fold down seats all the way in the back. A roofrack, safari roof, 2 spares (bonnet and rear door) and 3 diesel tanks (under each seat and the original in the tank). And it comes with 100+ bills from 1980 (first service) up to 1998. then it stops. By then it was likely in the south of France. I bet it has seen the world the clock says 70K, more likely 170, 270 or 370.
  8. It appears the webshops I try for a set of good bearings all ar out of stock / no longer available. I'm after a set (or 3 if they are this hard to come by) RTC3416 and RTC3426 (<1980 hub bearings). not available at: johncraddockltd, paddocks, and-rover-parts-shop.com and several dutch parties I checked. As it needs to be send to the Netherlands I always prefer to buy at a 'bigger' web shop so I can properly fill my box before having it send. Any hints on where to look?
  9. Screw on oil filter conversion

    something like this was done to my series, made me curse a little when I arrived here in france with a box of spares including 'default' filter stuff.. Found a dealer and bought 5 oil filters just to get it over with for a while Now the screw on is convenient I'd have to admit.
  10. Bloody SIII - swivel play?

    Yeah I do get that. Unlikely the previous user actually engaged the hubs for years and years. Also I now suspect that my 109 (which was a noth african travel vehicle given by the books and bills that came with the car) once hit something solid on the left front given given that all bad/broken parts seem to be on that side. Also the rear connection of the left front leafspring to the chassis is dented (dent in the side of the chassis). For now I'll go with quick fixes and make a decent shoppinglist as I go. Need to get atleast a few driving km's to keep me going and will dig back in next summer. Good news, managed to gather all bad parts on the right side, so the left side (front and rear) should be mint. Maybe I should learn to drive on 2 wheels. And offcourse I can't wait to feel the disk conversion combined with my Hella UP28 electric vacuum. (all piping and vacuum tank original just the hose of the engine inlet to the pump which is operated on the brakelight.
  11. Bloody SIII - swivel play?

    additional info, the play appears to be on the TOP of the swivel... so it might be a 'quick fix' for now. And prostpone the full overhaul a bit.
  12. Bloody SIII - swivel play?

    Bye the way, does any one have a good exploded view of the swivel + hub? there is a gasket between the swivelball and the stubaxle obviously... but is there also one (the same) between stubaxle and the back of the braking plate??? I'm affraid there should be as the bolts holding the backplate of the brake in place seem to go all the way into the swivelball (why the ## is that, just seems another 6 ways to get oil in the brakes...)
  13. Bloody SIII - swivel play?

    If this doesn't solve it I'll have to get everything off again to get a new bearing on the inside I assume..
  14. Bloody SIII - swivel play?

    The car HAD freewheeling hubs. I threw them off as one was seized in locked state, the other was still freewheeling.I assume this was the working side which means this halfshaft has seen next to no movement. Just watched this vid that I guess explains most. I just dont have a good gauge to 'know' what to take out. can 'just take a few out' and give that a try?
  15. Bloody SIII - swivel play?

    After removing hub, brakes and brake back plate I mounted my Zeus disc kit and reassembled it all with new seals, the best bearrings I had, new greas in the swivel housing and so on. After mounting the wheel I though I had a badly seated bearing as I had some play up and down on the wheel, having someone else make the movement while I was under the vehicle I discovered the outer-part of the swivel is moving with the wheel while the part attached to the axle stays in place. Did double check the inner hubnut was tight as it should be (~60nm + 90 degrees back). Couldn't really think of a nut I left on to loose.... any ideas? is that what causes the 'wobble of death'? I don't mind puling it ALL off again if I could just drive those 50 miles atleast once a year..... GRRRRRR.