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  1. I'll for sure go down the diesel route as you need to be a licensed car manufacturer to turn a car into an electric car in France. It has been on my list though.
  2. For me it was only used to replace the vacuum flap in the 2.25 diesel air intake smothering the engine. (making it smoke more) I was happy with that simple fix without understanding or diving in to more details around this topic The 109 had a vacuum, the vacuum hurts the enginge, I build a simple better vacuum. (love electric solution opposed to vacuum pumps etc). I'd assume my 1979 Series III has a servo of it's own? Ah, the error in communication: "are you running a servo as well?". Yes I do, no I didn't touch it at all so assume it's he original; Series III. My apologies. Ju
  3. nope. Just master cyl and a hella UP28 electric vacuum pump connected to the brakelight switch
  4. I'm running a delphi master for a def 90 on my 109, balances out just nice.
  5. cool that's what I needed. The 200tdi inlet CAN be used (with some grinding) in combination with a 300tdi exhaustmanifold and turbo. That's my route for a 109 SIII LHD. Thanks
  6. Does anyone knowif the 200tdi (disco) inlet manifold is the same as the 300tdi inlet manifold? In that case I'd only need a 300tdi monifold,turbo and oil feed to have a setup that should work with existing exhaust kits like steveparkers
  7. Nah then I'd advise to go the Hella UP28 route! easy and effective!
  8. Thanks, I was just curious as I was surprised by the image. This engine is NOT a part of my conversion!
  9. Found this on facebook, I'm confused.... 2.25? (given the manifolds and sensor placement) but a belt driven fuel pump??? or are we looking at a 2.5di? https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158532110798560&set=pcb.900672747083114
  10. yes, I've red half of the internet. Time to hover the engine inplace, make my own plan and write it down.... just to make even more reading for the next....
  11. some pictures of the process so far: out with the old, cutting up the disco to free the 200tdi and the 200tdi in full sunshine
  12. he DID allow me trough CT. placed the sensor 30cm's behind the exhaust, with that setup it just passed. Thereafter he had to open all doors to make his station usable again And the engine number was never there. It's grinded away.... (He is ok ) Asked him if an alternative engine would be OK, he said yes no issue at all if it's in the same power region.... 200di is thereby safe I'd guess.. Will first try and get a 200tdi trough if I can. I've got 4 years left and he will allow me to do 'unofficial' test to see if all seems good. However it is crappy that they did this pollution test
  13. lifted the 2.25 out of de series today AND managed to lift the 200tdi after cleaning it in place. Well the 200 is split from the bellhousing, radiator and intercooler removed. most hoses removed. Still have to connect fuellines en a few electrical details but after grinding open the tunnel I managed to get the engine seperated from the box! never lifted an engine, now 2 in 1 day! (a tad proud)
  14. this looks quite like the joint used to steer the brake vacuum flap on a diesel SIII air intake!
  15. this has crossed my mind as intermediate solution. That would allow to keep my 109 exhaust system
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