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  1. 10 years past, things have changed somewhat but I'm still not converting my Series III to electric for ±6K euro's
  2. well all, as can be seen from the last post I've been away for a while. First of,. all my carp... as in EVERYTING to the last spanner, got stolen. By now I have my basics back together, only now we're running a retired Hatz E79 for a generator meaning I'm already covered in oil before touching the landy.... Hope to have a better gen before summer. Will be back at the site end of this month, will do a 4 days offroad trip with some friends but will take the Hilux for that Hope to get the pump set better and will try and flush some injector cleaner trough. These seem the easy ones. Next up the list should likely be the timing chain. Is there a clear procedure on checking that for slack? Pretty sure my pedal steers the full throttle of the pump. At 60 It's screaming so hard that even the cows run away. Maybe compare Revs / KM;'s with someone just to make sure that the landy wasn't given shorter high gear box for the travels it's likely done in Africa?
  3. got it sorted, thanks. With this info I knew what to search for!
  4. Thanks lo-fi, It's basically my own learning curve, these are the u-bolts that I placed myself 4 years ago Meaning the 210 km's I drove in those 4 years were with a bad positioned axle. I'll try and get it in the right location and tighten it up, thanks for the insight. they had me do: - New u joints on front propshaft - tightening of a nut in steering stuff - replace 1 flexible brake hose - the u-bults on left rear And there is a pollution challenge as per other thread but I've found a way to get that sorted for my MOT (in france CT) and fix that in the upcoming 5 years.
  5. I've seem to have some play in between the rear leafpack and the axle, in that space lives a bracket protecting brakelines which now has play, which in turn is a MOT failure in France. By lifting the car on the leaf, slackening the 4 bolts that are holding the leafs to the axle I see some 'nob' (might be a bolt head) in that space on top of the leafpack (might be the nut holding all leafs together) - is that supposed to be there? - is there a slot in the bottom of the axle that should give space for that 'nob', if so jiggling the axle back and forward should have it 'fall' in place. don't feel like dismantling this all to see what it looks like, hoping someone already knows what this should look like
  6. Will sure keep u all posted. As I'm also having friends over, planning a week with the family, getting 7.5 m3 of beton for a terras and having to put a PU floor in my living room it might take a few weeks again, tnx for all the knowledge!
  7. Thanks all for al this info, feel like a newbie again getting 'closer' to engine work. Steve, the vacuum flap is tied on open position as I've installed a Hella UP28 electric vacuumpump to assist with braking. Works like a charm (more info on that in a previous post of mine here). Timing is likely the thing, given even me (as newbie) has found and reset plenty of 'bad repairs' in all sections of this car. (will check the pedal movement first though as thats the easy bit).
  8. yes, and quite a bit to my supprise. I expected no load = no smoke.. And (like with the test), when stationary and no gear. A smash on the pedal would easily paint your dog 100% black.
  9. in my opinion it's black, don't feel/smells like I'm burning engine oil. (have seen those driving around France and think I'd recognise that smell by now)
  10. yep thats helpful. As i've had my hands on the chassis, bearings etc I have no other engine experience as to replace filters. Should have feeler gauges around here somewhere. And how to to pump timing? just advance a little and see if there's less smoke? Car always smokes, when up hill or high speed downhill I always hope noone is watching.... that's the worst. Top speed 60 kp/h at flat road only a mild smoke.
  11. In France there are regulations also demanding a 'pollution test' for all vehicles from 1980 and up. (Older vehicles aren't subjected to emission tests) And yes my 1979 Series III was first put on a license plate in 1980 - February. The measurement was so bad the machine failed, he clamped the sensor not in but just outside the exhaust and measured 1.5M (2.5M allowed for 1980+ diesel vehicles with no turbo) What can I do to drastically reduce the smoke out of my old n tired 2,25 di? Was really hoping to keep it on the road! Once this round is passed next CT would be in 5 years. regards.
  12. keep on going. I'm 5 years in (going for my first MOT in france, CT next thursday!) I managed to get the tub of, or basically everything behind the front seats and work on the back, before placing it back on with new wiring. Managed to do a disc brake conversion. When I make MOT there's front half electrics that need replacement even though I managed to get it all working and fused. And my engine is tired as @#$%^ And likely all new rubbers/bushings (on springs and steering and... all) would improve my ride. That's for the next 5 years
  13. -double posted, rotten 4G connection-
  14. well, with a fuel consumption of 1L per 5,6 km (16 UK MPG) I guess some more performance would have been nice. Downhill it does go 70km/h revving its head of in 4th.
  15. Keep us posted on what you find. my 2.25 is smokey, drinks and tops out at 60 km/h (37,5 mph) in 4th gear (yes high range). It's on my longlist
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