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  1. still waiting for parts. To be continued in july / august (if we are free to travel to France by then)
  2. Now i must say stuff looks ok in here. But hard to tell if you've never seen such a thing before. How much play is allowed on the tight side? how pointy are the sprockets allowed to be? Must say that 'doing timing' still feels heavy to me ;). is there a way I can lock camshaft and sprockets in a certain position and then replacing them one by one (and locking them straight in again) and thereby not loose timing and only having to double check...
  3. It is removed!!!!! Begin with the end in mind: How did i get it off without a pulley puller? 1. connect a chain (using some scrap metal to get a flat pull begin pully, the blue elastic is mainly to keep some tension) 2. a molegrip to keep a nut on the thread, placed 3 nuts on the end of the tread that are binding up together to turn the shaft on. The starterdog is in a fair bit so the thread of that can handle the abuse. Later on I continued using a socket 12 in there as distance keeper and to avoid ruining the crackshaft inner thread. 3. TURN! it took an immense amount of force! I even doubt a pulley puller would have survived. YEAH!
  4. Well as impatiant as I am, I'm not going to wait for the pulley puller to arrive. I'm in the process of fabricating one. Pictures soon
  5. https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/timing-chain-kit-da1337.html Guessing this should be all in 1 go. however it's listed as 'early' 2.25di i guess I've got a 3 main bearing engine, but as the engine serialnumber is missing I'm not sure.
  6. don't have one.. As i broke a piece out already and it seems to have balancing holes it will likely be done already... Will see if I can find an new one at a reasonable price. (already figured out the only french shop still claiming to be open doesn't have it, so will try and keep it in 1 piece) If i replace it I might as wel put the grinder to it. If there's any chance of repairing it and removing it without fuurther damage offcourse that's the way to go... just to be sure.... the pulley comes of on its own... not WITH the timing chain cover... correct? update: ordered pulley pullers, will arrive beginning of next month. For now I'll just continue with other stuff like rewiring the wings.
  7. and now to conclude the pulley is also quite stuck on... tried it with some help of the hammer and actually broke a piece out... might be able to fill the missing piece with weld and grind it back into shape (assuming that wouldn't give weird balancing issues...) or try and order a new one (but they don't seem replacement parts to me...)
  8. IT"S OUT Grab a beer mates. I've got a 10 minutes timelaps in which i do this... now cutting an slicing video. (URL SOON) Don't take it too seriously. It's a good example of how NOT to do this! (especially the part where I put my shed on fire!)
  9. @Arjan thanks for the offer, will keep that in mind. Just measured the width of the bolt at ~43mm. Will have a go with the welder to see if that helps, will be back with results
  10. I'll weld up a tool from some scrap today. Don't want to wait for weeks and then discover it doesn't properly fit. Pretty sure I can weld something that fits around the nut and have a bit nut lying around for which I do have an impact socket. Also a nice change of things to actually build something instead of tearing my beloved car to pieces and/or doing my daily computer based job from a corona quarantaine
  11. 2.25 petrol/diesel timing chain - OEM SKU : ETC4499G 2.25 petrol/diesel timing chain camshaft wheel - REPLACEMENT SKU : ETC5551 2.25 petrol/diesel timing chain crankshaft wheel - REPLACEMENT SKU : 568333 2.25/2.5D/2.5TD/200TDI front timing cover gasket - REPLACEMENT SKU : 538039 Crankshaft oil seal front SII/SIII, 2.5 D/TD/200TDI/V8 SKU : ERR6490G 2.25 petrol/diesel damper for timing chain - REPLACEMENT SKU : 275234 Water pump non viscous 2.25L SKU : STC3758 2.25 petrol ou diesel cylinder timing chain tensioner - REPLACEMENT SKU : 277388 As I'm not sure what I'll find and need behind the cover... what the $%^ is this: Spring for Timing Ratchet 2.25 and 2 Litre Diesel SKU : 267451
  12. LOL... https://www.cdiscount.com/le-sport/velos-tandem-tricycle-monocycle-remorque-casque/vtc-3-4-drive-2-5-8-43mm-impact-socket-hot-fo/f-121192303-mp26749848.html#mpos=0|mp just found one in France 108 euro's.... 😕 and one more affordable on Ebay with expected delivery time 28th off may 🤪 Love my cottage in France but not due the adoption of modern 'online' markets... another edit: managed to find a impact socket, heading my way. expecting it at the end of the month. I'll already build a shopping list for parts that I expect to need for the timing chain change. I'd rather first open it alle up and build a list from there but given the weird delivery delays I feel like getting the order out asap. Hope you guys will have a look on the list and be able to mention stuff I might have missed.
  13. Unlikely to arrive at my current site in France. Might be able to get my hands on one. But as to the procedure. In gear and a decent whack or shock should loosen it? Or am I missing something there already? What size should I buy? will have to try and source something
  14. I do have an impact wrench, just not the sockets this size
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