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  1. I spoke with a guy who had the same problem on his freelander, now my back sunroof is leaking on my td5 he recommended a mobile sunroof repairer, i gave the guy a call and he his coming out friday to replace the inner seal and check it over at the cost of about £90 all in, ill update after he has done the job but he removes the headlining etc .Best thing was he laughed when i said disco 2 leaky sunroof he said not to worry he has done loads
  2. This might sound really daft but ive brought an x plate 2000 year td5 es with 41000 miles on the one in my pic is it a disco 1, disco 2 ?
  3. Thanks alot for that guys, ill keep you posted on how i go and what i get. cheers
  4. Thanks alot orange for that great help......
  5. Hi all just introduce myself, my name is paul but ive been know as jonah since 3 yrs old, im married 2 children and live in Birmingham, i have driven a rovr 75 2.5 v6 for the last 3 years and have always had a soft spot for the td5, so i am now looking to make my purchase. Any info on what to look for etc would be nice as i can see you all have a lot of experience with this baby's. Also any recommended garages around the midlands area if poss. Many Thanks
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