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  1. I have seen an accident involving a discovery - some principle of ladder chassis and weak body bolted on top - and the ladder chassis penetrated the side of a transit and the disco bodywork just folded uo when it came into contact with the transit. It was not good for the disco or the transit! Quite frightening how it folded off the chassis and crushed the cabin It general I feel safe in my 90, but I have no illusions in a proper high speed crash or a roll over. That's why I fitted an internal hoop when I bought mine!
  2. this intrigued me so i did a quick search on some aus yota sites i occassionally browse and i would appear the lexus V8 will bolt up to the petrol 80 series auto box. I think its the 4.4 amazon? Means all the shifts points would be about right too and the tranny outputs are in the right position.
  3. i'd love a lighter clutch pedal, even though mines a 300tdi - its still heavy when you are in traffic. Nothing wrong with the brakes though, you dont need to stand on them with any real force to get the wheels to lock. If they were any lighter i think it would be quite silly.
  4. if you have POD and they refuse to accept they received it - send a letter to them advising you will be taking them to the small claims court. Most solicitors with this sort of thing will not charge you up front and the costs will be transfered to the very naughty company when they lose. Its amazing how quickly a naughty company will backtrack and sort you out when they know they've been rumbled and will be taken to court and incur significant court costs. Most companies just rely on the general publics ignorance and apathy and hope that ignoring them will mean they will go away, meaning they
  5. still wondering if its really worth upgrading the heater matrix and fan on a tdi defender. Over the past week its been averaging -6C (-12C this morning) and my tdi is struggling to even maintain normal operating temperature if i turn the fan on! If i leave the fan off, it will get up to normal temperature on the gauge. Turn the fan on full speed/hot and i get about 2 minutes of nice warm air. Then the engine starts to cool down, temp gauge goes down to 1/4 warm and the temperature of the air coming out the vents becomes lukewarm. I think defender tdi's are just too over cooled and dont produ
  6. definitely go manual, why put a powerful engine up front and soak up all those horses with a porridge box. lt85 was what they put behind the v8 originally, so makes sense to use that if ones easily available. Although an r380 is theoretically strong enough (copes behind tweaked td5's) and is a much nicer gearbox to live with.
  7. you have a disco 2 dont you M&S? if so, then i'd be tempted by the 245/75, they'll fit more than happily without catching anything and being a bit wider will suit the truck better IMHO. remember your motor came with 255 section tyres are standard. So you'll still be thinner than normal, but you'll get an inch of extra tye height with no bodywork issues over the 225's
  8. i'd agree with that, my procomps are 9 years old and havent failed (yet). istr that the issue with procomps came to light about 6 years ago when they started snapping the eyes off, maybe they changed the design or build methods at that time. But i can certainly say that they have worked fine for me. Although i am looking at replacing them now, as they are getting on a bit.
  9. i used a big washer to reinforce mine. not pictures i'm afraid and i aint taking the gearbox off to get one.
  10. but thats the problem, soon as you start adding grease and oils to them you attract mud and grit in between the leafs and it all goes horribly wrong. You can get very very hardwaring thin strips of ptfe to insert between them, this is dry and does not attract or let grit stick to them and hence requires alot less maintanence. Plus its much 'slippier' than grease. see here:- http://www.directplasticsonline.co.uk/PTFESheet/ or possibly UHMWPE sheet if you think it needs better abrasion resistance. you could probably do all four corners for £20 worth of 1mm thick ptfe.
  11. i'd really love to see one of the glossy mags do a proper comparison of a couple of parabolic springs and NEW standard (genuine!) springs for a series. I would put a couple of quid on the standard landrover springs being nearly as good as paras. I would put a few more quid on standard landrover springs being better than paras if they were stripped down and rebuilt with teflon sheets inserted between the leafs.
  12. completely agree, the transfer of data via the t'interweb will become all encompassing in most areas of media. Its a very well established protocol, wireless connectivity is absolutely fantastic just about everywhere you can get a mobile signal and data allowances and transfer rates are constantly increasing at a ludicrous rate. 10 years ago most people were on dialup 56k or super fast 500Kb broadband. Now most homes can get a full 20mb connection via cable and 7mb (on average) via a telephone line and 3mb via mobile. So potentially 400 times faster than what we had before in just 10 years!!!
  13. ermmm, cant you get radio on your Iphone? So just have any old boring understated head unit installed that has an aux in / USB connector on the back of the unit and hard wire a proper Iphone connector through the dash to the proper Iphone mount to make it all look rather pro (no loose dangling wires) and just listen to the radio from your Iphone? Alternatively there are now plenty of car amplifiers that have an MP3 3.5mm jack input - so you could do away with the head unit altogether and just wire the ipod straight into the amp. My phone gets brilliant internet radio reception and the data
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