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  1. Hi Gren T did you find one, I too am looking for a std bonnet without the ****ty lump, found a company in NZ but non here yet ? the guy who ,makes the doors in GRP is getting interested in moulding one if enough want one https://www.facebook.com/AmaGrpDesigns/
  2. Yeah loads of plans go astray, life they call it ! What colour will she be, seating numbers etc and will she be std. mileage, what is it you are doing work wise. ?
  3. I would certainly consider it if you have some more details or pics, just need a 200 or 300 (veg oil conversion) Isuzu engine doesn't phase me, just the misus wants a real tidy one (or one that can be made tidy) as a keeper like the 90 and the series 2 we have !
  4. I would, but I live on the Isle of Man, each viewing is a 12 hour-24 hr run £200-£500 on the ferry plus fuel, plus would obviously need a ferry ticket in addition to fetch it home. Just wanted someone to have a quick look in Milton Keynes but no takers on another site/face book. Love the Island but what a ball ache finding one of these fellas has become ! £12k is in budget if it isn't a polished turd as another member coined it ! ha ha
  5. No it doesn't have to be a county, just looking for a worth while 12 seater ish !
  6. It had a 2.8 in when I got it that was tired and it was an amazing lump, revved for ever but was worn out. I could not find another but there were some 3.1s around, so I had no choice, the 3.1 is indirect inj, (2.8 direct) anyhow I fitted it without too much trouble, and it is without doubt the best engine I have ever had on 100% used veg oil, (twin tank) and the best I have personally driven in a 90. (lad has 200 and 300 tdi) It is a lot lighter than the LR engines too, I have tweaked the pump and turbo (with the gauges and probes in place) and it flies hence the clutch although top quality and brand new will not hold the torque, it is quiet without any soundproofing. I paid £50 for the trooper complete and I have now bought another for £100. It is a 1986 I use for work (own Business) and it tows a trailer all over the Isle of Man where we live. I keep it going on a shoe string with another donor 90. Just for the crack really and to prove it can be done, most stuff is attached with pull ties, and I mean most stuff. Hardly a special build do you think !
  7. I know but, try finding a 300 110 csw with anything like, low mileage, or not rotten, or worn out, or nicked. or crashed, or bodged, or looks like a chicken coup after the fax has visited. Pain in the arse looking !
  8. Strangely enough, 1 week later and no pics supplied of what you can't see ! Amazing, can't find a straight 300 csw anywhere,either a polished turd as you say or a complete neglected wreck, or thousands spent on bling but nowt on maintenance !
  9. Yeah that is the next concern, I am gentle with the thing and I don't off road, its whether the box will stand the torque ! we will have to see, I have 2 spare boxes.
  10. My spare flywheel is with Ben at clutchfix having the flywheel machined to take his HD organic tdi clutch fitted.
  11. My spare flywheel is with Ben at clutchfix having the flywheel machined to take his HD organic tdi clutch fitted.
  12. Thinking of having a look to buy this, wondered if anyone knows of it or if someone on here built/painted it ? Thanks. I hope this is the right place to post this !
  13. I had a break down truck Gypsy petrol never let me down missed it many times, there was a few in te scrappers at the time I ad it early 80's nice drive and unusual even then, is there a owners forum etc ? good luck nice to be different.
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